Saturday, January 28, 2012

Riverside Mill Part Two

Years ago I had my own antiques business. I loved it; I am always happy to visit antiques stores and Riverside Mill is a favorite stop.

I could put a doll cradle in every room.

And spinning wheels, doesn't every primitive collector and needle-woman need at least one or two to display in their home or better yet, wouldn't be thrilling to learn to spin!

This buffet is one of the best I've ever seen. Do you see the arts & crafts stained glass doors on this? 

Hope you enjoyed the visit and are having a great weekend.
Sallie & the Brats

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Trip to Riverside Mill Antiques & Art Weldon NC

These are just a few pictures that I took on my trip to Riverside Mill last Saturday. This is one great shopping experience; antiques and collectables from every period not to mention beautiful displays by local artists and outlet stores too. They are located on 200 Mill St in Weldon NC. They are just 1.5 miles off exit 173 on I-95 or visit them on the web at
Are you starting the car now?

I totaly fell in love with so many things that I saw; this stained glass window is straight from dream land. 

Does anyone ever have enough blue?? You can find so much beautuful blue china here (and stained glass; I still can't get passed that window)

And primitives !! Is this not to die for?????

The booths here are like works of art, the staff is so friendly, the atmosphere is enchanting. Everything is here from elegance to quaint, soothing country.  It's like a vacation just browsing in this old mill that the owners have beautifully restored. I'll be back with more pictures and some shots of the treasures I brought home.
Take care,

Monday, January 23, 2012

Early American Life A Little Help From a Friend

I must admit that I am a hoarder when it comes to my favorite decorating and craft magazines; I keep every copy and refer to them often for tips and inspiration. Early American Life has long been a favorite and this issue from  couple of years back sure came in handy yesterday. 

I was finally ready to get the rope bed I purchased several years ago out of storage  and tackle the job or should I say joy of getting her set up. I had a rope bed and trundle when I lived in my old house but that was quite a while ago.

Early American Life not only had a wonderful article on rope beds but great instructions with pictures.

Before I knew it, there she was; all roped and made up with vintage textiles from my collection.

And Little Bear too. I have no idea where he came from; he's been around for years. When I was decorating one day in the old house he just appeared. He was sitting in a corner all dusty and dirty. I cleaned him up and decided he must stay. Now we know the old house was haunted (that's a story for another time) but I can always remember things what I buy and I've never known how he just came to show up that day. 

He's quite happy here on linens from Grandmother's hope chest. She did the crochet on this sheet in the 1890's.

I also used the backing from an old quilt that I had. The colors don't show very well but it is soft green striped cotton that has faded to muted shades of green and brown.
This room is starting to come together; but I still have a long way to go. 

Some things I'm putting together for the spinning corner.
Thank you EAL!

I'll be back later this week with some pictures I took on Sat. at the Riverside Mill Antiques and Art Market.
Have  a wonderful week. 

Yesterday Once More Wonderful Blog and a Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

If you get a chance hurry over to Yesterday Once More and visit with Dan, Jeff and the P's X 3. You will love Dan's blog and getting to see his beautiful home. It's one of those blogs where you feel like you are family after after your first visit and you will anxiously look forward to every post. He is also having a fantastic giveaway and registration ends today so be sure to visit and I know if you're not a follower you will become one; it's a wonderful place to visit.


Friday, January 20, 2012

January Whites

It's that time of the year again; I'm getting anxious for spring. I want to see my vintage linens glowing freshly laundered in the sunlight. I want to bring the fragrance of sunlight into my home. 

Maybe I should plan a little road trip soon. January was the month for white sales when I was a child.

I wasn't interested in the pink and blue florals that mother and the aunts were adding to their linen closets; I was quite content to know that I had saved Grandmother's linens. I do now and again add a pair of pretty floral pillowcases to my collection but it is the antique, handmade beauties that I love. So January is time for me to maybe add just a couple of fancy goods to my collection. And spring will arrive; and they will gather sunshine.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Well winter blew in during the night. We don't have snow; it is actually a beautiful sunny day but it is windy and so cold. It is a good day to air the old quilts, this one is a crazy quilt; it is made of beautiful Victorian fabrics of velvet that shimmer in the sunlight. It has the most wonderful embroidery; some of the silk squares have shatered  but I don't mind it is still quite lovely to display. 

Even the backing is colorful.

The next quilt is a favorite of mine, it's made from hard working cotton. I love the many different patterns of the fabrics. It's heavily battened and all hand stitched. How many beds it has warmed I can't imagine but it makes me feel cozy just to touch it.

And  I have no doubt that this little quilt was made for a little girls bed. It has neat, even rows of hand stitching on an all white background with Sue's of so many different colors hand appliqued in place.  

I only use these for display now but I always remember longs days of quilting when I was younger and still enjoy snugging beneath newer made quilts and dreaming, safe and warm from the long bitter nights of winter.  

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I know it's been months since Irene came through and I am ever so grateful that we came through safely. We were without power for nearly a week but it was cool and comfortable and so we were no worse for the wear. There was a great deal of damage in Eastern N.C. and so many homes were damaged not to mention so many beautiful old trees that were lost forever. A few days after the storm I took my favorite basket and began collecting the spoils. There so so many huge acorns and tulip poplar seed pods everywhere; seed pods that I didn't recognize and pecans that sailed in from I know not where as I haven't seen a pecan tree near here.

I began collecting them; leaving more than enough behind for our friends the deer and squirrels; I picked lichens and moss and even odd shaped twigs that caught my eye. Once it had all dried I added some dried orange  slices, dried rosemary, sage and pineapple mint from my little herb garden and mixed it all together with cloves, nutmeg and other spices. It is so fragrant and pretty; I call it scents from the wood; a sweet reminder of how fortunate we are. 

I hope to be posting again in the next few days. I came down with a terrible virus just two days after Christmas and boy did I get a beating from that. All of the trees are down and most of the decorations have been put away. I'm ready to start the new year with some new projects in mind.

Take Care,

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