Thursday, January 12, 2012


I know it's been months since Irene came through and I am ever so grateful that we came through safely. We were without power for nearly a week but it was cool and comfortable and so we were no worse for the wear. There was a great deal of damage in Eastern N.C. and so many homes were damaged not to mention so many beautiful old trees that were lost forever. A few days after the storm I took my favorite basket and began collecting the spoils. There so so many huge acorns and tulip poplar seed pods everywhere; seed pods that I didn't recognize and pecans that sailed in from I know not where as I haven't seen a pecan tree near here.

I began collecting them; leaving more than enough behind for our friends the deer and squirrels; I picked lichens and moss and even odd shaped twigs that caught my eye. Once it had all dried I added some dried orange  slices, dried rosemary, sage and pineapple mint from my little herb garden and mixed it all together with cloves, nutmeg and other spices. It is so fragrant and pretty; I call it scents from the wood; a sweet reminder of how fortunate we are. 

I hope to be posting again in the next few days. I came down with a terrible virus just two days after Christmas and boy did I get a beating from that. All of the trees are down and most of the decorations have been put away. I'm ready to start the new year with some new projects in mind.

Take Care,

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