Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just a Quick Sunday Post

Wow the last two weeks have been rough! First I came down with a really nasty bug and at a time when I could not miss work. So off I went everday only to come home and crawl into bed. Of course last weekend was our seminar Saturday which meant I had to work 9+ hours on Sat. This past week I've felt much better but had several evening appointments so this weekend I've spent trying to dig myself through two weeks of housecleaning I'm behind on not to mention a 100 other things. Anyway it has been warm here today and while I have tons left to do I did get a few things in order and managed to get some much needed sleep and rest.

On the way to work one morning I saw the back of on old chest that had been thrown out by the street. That evening I asked Mr. K to drive over and pick it up. At first I thought it might be a lost cause as all of the drawers were missing but the old chippy finish was just brealing my heart. We cleaned her up and Mr. K is going to put shelves in where the drawers were. I'm looking for some mustard and black checked fabric for a curtain over the front and this girl will be just perfect for storing my fabrics, sewing and painting supplies.   

I'll have to get better pictures of this, it really is quite sweet. I'm still slowly working on the keeping room and  making slow progress but this week I plan to be back blogging some of my creations and with better pictures of this old girl and another old cupboard that will be finding her way into the keeping room.

I think this may be my favorite corner when all is said and done, I love this old rocker. Have a wonderful week!

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  1. You're a stronger woman than I, when I'm sick I can't do anything no matter how important.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your chest once it's finished. I love the rocker too.



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