Friday, January 13, 2012


Well winter blew in during the night. We don't have snow; it is actually a beautiful sunny day but it is windy and so cold. It is a good day to air the old quilts, this one is a crazy quilt; it is made of beautiful Victorian fabrics of velvet that shimmer in the sunlight. It has the most wonderful embroidery; some of the silk squares have shatered  but I don't mind it is still quite lovely to display. 

Even the backing is colorful.

The next quilt is a favorite of mine, it's made from hard working cotton. I love the many different patterns of the fabrics. It's heavily battened and all hand stitched. How many beds it has warmed I can't imagine but it makes me feel cozy just to touch it.

And  I have no doubt that this little quilt was made for a little girls bed. It has neat, even rows of hand stitching on an all white background with Sue's of so many different colors hand appliqued in place.  

I only use these for display now but I always remember longs days of quilting when I was younger and still enjoy snugging beneath newer made quilts and dreaming, safe and warm from the long bitter nights of winter.  

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