Sunday, July 26, 2020

Retirement Update

Hello friends,  I'm not sure about where you are but we are experiencing the Hot ! Hot! dog days of summer in full force.
I'm trying to cool my body and  soul with thoughts of Autumn. I'm posting some older pictures as I haven't had time to take new photos this week. Autumn is my favorite season and I am really looking forward to it this year.
   Now a quick update on my retirement,  as you know I retired six weeks ago. Thirty days after I retired I received a call asking if I could come back. I was completely caught off guard but I did go back. This  past Monday was my first day back and it has been good to be back but I do so miss being at home. I'm trying not to change my lifestyle too much. I can still have my job and enjoy my home projects just at a slower pace.

Any way I'm starting to pull out my garlands of beautiful autumn leaves, my large stash of dried gourds and faux pumpkins and Indian corn.  I have Indian corn that I have kept for ten years! I just add a little more each year, 

So until the real pumpkins start to appear in the pumpkin farms and grocery stores I will day dream into autumn coolness. Please take care dear friends and stay safe. It is such a comfort to me to know you are all here and I look forward to visiting your blogs often.   

Friday, July 3, 2020

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Forth of July Every One. Lets all be positive and believe that we can heal our deeply troubled country.  Pray that we can keep and protect our country and give thanks for our officers and service men and women that put their lives on the line so we can live in freedom.

       Keep your fur babies close, they can be frightened by fire works. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Rain Rain

I've always been an early riser but this morning I actually slept in. It was very nice to wake to see the sun.  We have flooding in a lot of areas in the city I'm praying that the water hasn't actually risen enough to damage any homes but many streets and roads are impassable.

I wanted to share the picture above with you. I found this at an estate sale last autumn. It had been taken out of the frame but all of the parts were there. It took about two hours of cleaning and putting it all back together and I just love it. The frame doesn't show well in the picture but it has lovely beige stripes all around the dark wood. That precious baby is wearing the most beautiful gown and he is just a darling child.    
Yesterday I received a treat that I ordered for myself. I love Jill Peterson's books and who doesn't  want to visit the gardens of James Cramer. I adore A Simple Life Magazine and these books were a retirement gift to myself. They are gentle reminders of the things that I love in life that have sat on the back shelf of my life while I worked everyday. Just looking through the pages makes me feel peaceful  and hopeful that there is still honesty and goodness left for us all if we just reach for it.

Lastly I want to share a quilt that I found at another estate sale the same day I bought the picture. The pattern is drunkards path and I love the colors and the hand quilting. It seems like last year was just my year for quilts; I was able to add several to my collection and I will post about them soon.  Please take care everyone and be safe and blessed. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Happy rainy cloudy cool Monday

Hi, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I can't say that it has been the brightest day here
but it has been a good day if a gloomy one. We have had so much rain this year and today has been downright cold. It's not at all what you would expect for June
in Eastern N.C.

Last Friday was my last day of work!!!  I have finally decided to retire and it wasn't an easy decision as I have some wonderful coworkers that seem more like family than friends and I will miss them terribly. They surprised me with these beautiful flowers and it was very hard to say good bye but we will stay in touch and visit from time to time.

I'm very anxious to get back to my first love which is antiques. I have some beautiful things to post about that I've never shared because working forty hours a week and antiquing on the week end just didn't allow time.  I'm also opening my shop again and I will keep you posted on that. I picked up the afgans shown above this weekend, I don't usually buy afghans but these were so lovely and summery I just couldn't pass them by.  

I really love the one above with the beautiful raised flowers. In the old house I had the upstairs landing that was my own private little retreat. It was a nice size landing with a connecting hallway. At the top of the landing there were two floor to ceiling windows, I had two shaker rocking chairs in front of those widows and I loved to sit there and look out at the little town below. The view was amazing and on a chilly day I would keep an afghan near by for my lap. I really miss that house and that space. I loved sharing it; with my friends, family and the kitties and always the ghost lady that always smelled of lavender and would often join us in our retreat, especially when it was just me and my grandson; all though she visited when we had company too,  I guess she loved the view as much as we did and I like to think she is still there and still welcome to visit. We are expecting rain for the next  three days but I have lots of inside chores to do and I'm looking forward to getting those finished and getting my shop opened. I hope you all have a very pleasant week and I will see you soon.

Take care !     

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Hello everyone it's been a while and I have missed blogging so much but it's been a rather uncomfortable beginning  for 2020.  I'm now trying to get used to the in and outs of a new computer  which is proving to be more outs than in's for me presently. However; that seems to be quite minor compared to the virus situation that we are having. I hope that everyone is safe and that things will be    back to normal for us all soon.

The last week of Feb. I had a heart attack, I was rushed to the hospital where I had triple by pass surgery. I am doing well and I've even gone back to work in the office part time. I will post more about the surgery later. To be honest I don't like to think too much about it.  I an just too happy for friends. family, fur babies, good doctors and nurses and to be home.   Take care everyone, I am so glad to be blogging again and to be enjoying  all of your wonderful blog posts. I will say I am missing the week end treasure hunting trips I am very grateful  that there will be future trips to look forward to. I did find some wonderful things last fall  that I never had a chance to post so I'll be sharing some pictures for you soon. Please stay safe and be patient we will get through this.                                  

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Happy Halloween To All

 Well it's almost here. Halloween has always been a  favorite time of the year for me.  Unfortunately this year I haven't had much time to put into decorating,  

The city that I live in has just gone down hill and the crime rate as escalated dramatically over the years so there isn't much decorating or celebration now, but on a lighter note I'm house hunting and in the next six months  the fur kids and I will be relocating to a new area.


A few weeks ago one of my customers sent me these beautiful flowers at work. I just loved them and the fragrance of the roses was just so beautiful. I also found an amazing mahogany tall chest from about 1830-1840.  I will get some pictures added here soon. I'm still trying to find the perfect place for it but it is a large piece so I'm having to do some rearranging which is slow with a full time job and my back issues but things are looking better and hopefully they have a treatment that will help with the back pain. That will be amazing and perhaps  things will get back to normal around here. 

Stay safe and enjoy Halloween. I will be back soon,

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Is it Autumn?

Just over a week ago we still had temperatures in the triple digits.  I longed for Autumn and hoped it would arrive soon. And then it came for a couple of days but then it became rainy and the highs were in the low 60's and it seemed like winter had so quickly replaced those few pleasant autumn days
Now we've once again had a few pleasant days and but next week the colder air will come again. It is time for pumpkins and witches and long dark nights. Sweet warm evenings by the fire and the holidays coming fast. How does time slip away so quickly,

I'm still getting used to this windows 10. I can't say that I like it but I am getting better with it.
I have so many projects going right now and still working full time so I honestly haven't but my best effort into it. I'm still having problems loading pictures into my blog but hopefully I will have it figured out soon.

Enjoy the harvest season and I will be back soon with new from the Mysticwood.

Sunday, September 15, 2019



I finally have figured out how to get pictures posted again. I will be back soon with lots of news and new pictures.  I've been visiting all of my favorite blogs and some new ones. I'm looking forward to logging again. See you soon. Happy Autumn! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Hello; I hope 2019 is bringing a bright a fresh new beginning for everyone. We had a lovely week week last week with warm and delightful days but this week began with a cold, foggy drizzle and while it is a little depressing I've a little taste of  spring last week so I am holding on to that.

I haven't posted in a while and the reason is that while we had a close and sweet family Christmas; we also had some sorrows. Our beloved little Rocky left us the night before Christmas Eve. There was no warning, he just seemed to have a stoke in my lap and a sad little goodbye. Needless to say we were all heart broken. Our sweet little four pound baby filled our hearts with love in abundance and we miss him more than I can say.

The day after Christmas my sister in law passed away. We were all shocked and heart broken. She had remarried to a wonderful man and we were very happy for them both; they had many years together but she was still part of my family  much like my own sister and we will miss her and it is heart breaking to let her go.

Less than two weeks after Christmas, my Daughter and Grand daughter's baby Jasper left us. He was only three and a half years old and in perfect health or so we thought. He was running and jumped to catch a piece of paper carried by the wind and feel dead. It seems he had a genetic heart problem that had not been detected. My dear daughter and grand daughters were devastated, just as we were losing Rocky.

And so we move on, sadly but thankful for the time, love and sweet memories that we have and we look to spring with the light of hope and new beginnings.

Blessed Be 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

It's That Time of the Year

Hello everyone,
I hope you are enjoying the hustle and bustle of Christmas. These  are pictures of some of the trees that I usually put up each year. They are all in various stages of  completion this year but they are moving along. 

I added several large pieces of furniture to my house over this past year and I may not have room for them all this year but we will see how that turns out. 

Last Sunday morning we woke to about 6 inches of perfect, fluffy, beautiful snow. It didn't last long but it was wonderful. The fur kids really enjoyed it except for the kitties; they choose to ride it out with no playing and romping. They settled down by the fire and slept through it all. The dogs had a blast romping and rolling in it until they were tired and then they settled down for a nice warm nap as well. Let's see? I was the one that didn't get the nap. 

I never realized how much going back to work full time would interfere with my decorating but it does. The truth is I am just getting old and don't have the energy that I once had. But I still keep trying. I'm still not quite old enough that I want to give up the fun stuff. 
I will be back soon to show you the progress of this years decorating. Stay safe and warm and enjoy this beautiful season of peace on earth.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

October Catching Up

I've just been having a delightful time now once again having terrible luck with uploading new pictures to my computer. Bottom line " I Hate Windows 10".  I never had this problem before; but it's been ongoing for two years now so since I've spent the last two hours trying to get my pictures with little to no progress I will just go with what I have.

The picture above is a huge dough bowl that I was fortunate to find this summer at the 301 endless yard sale.  I really enjoy that sale; we spend two days traveling from one end on NC to the other shopping and looking and discovering so many new things. This dough bowl is four feet long; my plan is to fill it with autumn gourds, flowers and pumpkins. I remember these being used when I was a child. The women would cook large meals for the family and farm workers and these dough bowls could make a lot of biscuits.  

 Another absolutely amazing find was this old firkin.  When I moved to Rocky Mount as a child there was a BBQ restaurant just down the road a few blocks. It was operated by Mr. Bob Melton and though it's been gone for many years it still has the reputation of having the best Eastern NC BBQ. It sat right by the river and you could dine while looking out over the Tar River. This old bucket had belonged to Bob Melton's family;  it came from the family farm and it was used to measure sugar for the sweet iced tea that all we Southerners just can't get enough of. I've brought it home and you can still smell the sugar.  

Another great find at a different sale was a group of stained glass windows from an old local church  that had been torn down many years ago. This isn't a good picture but it's the best windows 10 would let me load.

Finally I was able to down load a couple of pictures of my latest treasure. I've always wanted an old Hoosier Cabinet and here she is. She's in her temporary space in this picture and I've since done some decorating but haven't been able to get those pictures. I learned to cook standing beside my granny in front of one like this.   

I was also able to get one picture of my grand doggie Jasper on his velvet chaise lounge. No; we don't spoil them much.

And finally I want to post this amazing gift. Many years ago my stepfather ran for city council. I can't remember the year but it would have been in the 60's. When mother's house flooded during Floyd so many years ago almost all of our pictures were destroyed. A few weeks ago a dear friend stopped by my work place at lunch time. He owns and operates The Hot Dog Stand, another local landmark and also owns the building that used to be my dad's Barber Shop. He found this poster and brought it to me and I can never say how happy it made me.
I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I will be back soon. 

Retirement Update

Hello friends,  I'm not sure about where you are but we are experiencing the Hot ! Hot! dog days of summer in full force. I'm...