Mysticwood CAC

Mysticwood CAC

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January Beauty

It's an amazing January day here. After several days of ice, snow and way lower than normal temperatures we have finally begun to thaw. I hope that all of my blogger friends had a very happy and amazing holiday season.
We had a a wonderful Christmas and the time spent with family was so precious and wonderful.
  This morning it has been gently raining and cool but compared to the last few days it has felt like spring and I've done my best to enjoy it like a spring day. I've taken several walks this morning. Accompanying me was a very gentle yellow fluffy kitty that I'm calling Short Britches. He is a refugee from the effects of the developers. It seems that a lady a few blocks away was feeding a number of feral cats when the house she rented was purchased by the developers. Renters have had a difficult time as some of them were given only 10 days to vacate their homes. That being said the pets sometimes get left behind and the neighborhood now has a rather large gathering of homeless, hungry kitties. Some have found temporary shelter with neighbors but little Short Britches is most often on my porch and absolutely loves to follow me wherever I go.  I'll post a picture of him soon, I'm trying to find him a forever home as we have only a kill shelter here.  
      I had been quite concerned about my Rosemary bush. I planted it four years ago and lost half of it to ice the first winter. It's waist high now and the bitter cold did no harm to it that I can tell.  I enjoy it so much, it's a fantastic herb to cook with and I use it in crafts and cleaning projects as well. Britches and I payed a visit to the bees today as well and found that while they seemed a bit sluggish they were leaving the hive to search for pollen  just as they should bee. They are such a joy to be near and they gift us with the sweetest honey. My holiday ham was glazed  with their rich honey, fresh orange juice and brown sugar. I have so much that I would like to post but I'd like one more short outing before I start the late afternoon chores. Bee Blessed friends.                                                                        

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Blessed New Year

Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December Etsy Sale

  Hello and Happy December. It's been such a busy time here at Mysticwood that I just haven't had a minute to post. I just wanted to pop in to announce that we have an amazing sale going on in our Etsy  shop. I'll be back on Friday with a proper post. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

Monday, November 14, 2016

November Where Are You Going

Wow! I have no idea where the weeks have gone. This time of the year is always hectic but my goodness it is getting away from me. One day I was decorating for Autumn and then suddenly I need to be decorating for Christmas.

We've had some busy weekends of estate sales and we are working to get so many vintage and antique linens into our Etsy Shop, we will also be listing some vintage Attic Babies Dolls as well has handmade stockings and an incredible dough bowl with blue paint so please be patient with us.                                                                        
  For now I'm trying to move around boxes of Christmas decorations and Autumn and Etsy items and I'm starting to wonder if I might be getting to old for this. I don't think so, it's this way every year. I think the chaos makes me sane. I work very well under pressure and the truth is I just love it when there is so much to do, especially when it comes to linen, antiques, decorating, and most of all my family and fur kids gathered by the hearth to celebrate.

We've had warm sunny days and crisp autumn mornings and I'm looking forward the super moon this evening. That reminds me, It's exercise time for the doggies and there is dinner to make. I hope everyone loves this season as much as I do. Please be safe and warm and cozy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Beautiful October Weekend and an Estate Sale

October has always been my favorite month but I have to say it has been quite the roller coaster ride this year. I'm going to start with some of the good things ; one was this past weekend when the girls of Mysticwood took a treasure hunting road trip, We started at an amazing estate sale at an enchanting historic North Carolina Plantation. The architecture of this house will take your breath away as will it's history. You just feel the footsteps of the past as you step out onto the lawn in the shade of giant oaks that has sheltered this family since 1859. I could have lingered, dreaming in that magical place there forever,                                                                      

                     We found some amazing antique linens, some that will be added to my collection and others that are going to be listed in our Etsy shop in just a few days, I have a ton of hand laundering and ironing to do but my favorite find of the weekend is this pair of well loved and tattered shoes. I have the perfect little dress to display them with and I am totally in love with them.


We said goodbye to the stately old home and drove the back roads through Edgecombe and Halifax counties. This time of the year the countryside takes on a glow of sheer beauty. We love the cotton fields and the golden glow of the forests that border them. We paid a quick stop by the old house and nearly cried to see that it may not be standing another year at all and that the little town so well loved has fallen into even more desperate disrepair.
From there we traveled on to Historic Halifax,  we are always so proud to walk in this lovely restored town and know that the Halifax Resolves began right where we stood as free Americans. Then there was more shopping and antiquing Riverside Mill in Weldon.

It was an amazing trip and I have much more that I will post later but I want to update everyone on the the little girl that I last posted about.

She is improving, she does have a way to go but she will make it. She has had surgery to remove a fragment of her eye that was damaged and infected. She is still undergoing treatment but soon she will be ready for her forever home. Everyone that has been involved in her rescue has fallen in love with her. She is so gentle and so loving. Thank you all for your prayers and healing energy. She is warm and eating well and will be ready to make some lucky human very happy with her sweet love and brave happy smile.