Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Cooler days are coming. I'm really worn out with the heat and humidity. It's so good to start Autumn decorating and to see the first sweet changes of the season arrive.

There have been so many changes this year. I am more than ready for the quiet steadiness of fall and

When I start a bit of autumn crafting it seems to calm me, I can center myself again.
Perhaps the new year should start in Autumn for me. 
I will be posting again soon with some new pictures of an amazing primitive antique Jelly Cupboard and a Hoosier Cabinet that I found in the last few weeks.  I'm still amazed at those pieces and  working hard to get them in just the right place and decorated. I learned to cook standing by Grandmothers side in front of a Hoosier Cabinet. So I will leave you to welcome the new season and be back soon with some new pictures.

We had no damage and only a little rain during Florence but please send prayers and blessings to the people of NC and SC that did and too the Fur Babies as well. There are so many that are homeless now; people and pets.

Blessed be

Monday, September 10, 2018

Autumn Winds

It looks like the Autumn winds are going to blow in before the weekend gets here. Having survived several hurricanes in my life I should be used to it but I'm a little more than respectful of these storms now than I used to be. After the devastation a Floyd, Isabelle, Irene and Mathew I get quite concerned so please offer a prayer or positive thoughts for our area and all that may be affected by the approaching storm.

I'm so looking forward to cooler and dryer days to come but we have to sit this storm out first. I've been getting ready for Autumn slower than usual this year. It's just been so hot and humid. Anyway if you are in the path of this storm please take care. Me and the Fur-kids are going to nestle inside of the old house rest quietly until she passes.   

Blessed be everyone.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


This has been one busy and long summer. I'm anxious for Autumn to arrive. 

Today I'm taking a few moments to share some things I love.  

Old crocks, jars and lighting. Things so simple yet so necessary in times past.

My white ironstone collection, simple white dishes of every sort that were used for generations by other families and have now been used for years at our Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. 

                                                                           History, old cemeteries and old houses. Each memory and place with a spirit attached to keep the past living in colorful thoughts and tales. 

Pictures of my fur baby Imma Bivis, my friend and my baby for 17 years. I miss her still.  

The colors of Autumn and harvest. Sweet cool memories on a hot humid day late in Summer. 

 My hearth, sweet with memories and whispering stories from long ago.

 Pumpkins and gourds in every shape and color. They are friends and a welcomed site at the end of a long hot summer.

The rustle of leaves and the squirrels that rattle about filling their nests with acorns to keep them through the winter to come.  

Witches to fly about and cats to peek in through the key holes on frosty autumn evenings. 

Old wooden boxes to stash paper treasures.  

                                                                        And yellow ware, beautiful yellow and orange bowls and even some in pumpkin arranged and waiting for the cool nesting days to come. A few of my blessings.

Blessed Be Friends, 

Thursday, June 7, 2018


 I just wanted to pop in and say Hi, I'm still here. It has been one hectic year but I hope to be blogging again soon.
 My goodness I love spring but this year we sorta went from winter to summer, anyway I can't help but find myself looking forward to autumn.
We'll be back soon. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Welcome Spring

I am very pleased to know that today is the first day of spring. It doesn't feel at all like spring here; it is COLD and very damp and misty, There's something strange and fascinating about it. I'm accustomed to warm damp days or bright sunny warm days for the first of day spring but today it seems as if there is some important message that I may be receiving or some happening that I should be preparing for. It's almost more like a shadow that may appear suddenly and unexpectedly from a dark corner than the sweet, gentle arrival of Spring.

So I'm sharing some pictures that I think are lovely and I hope this will brighten the day.
After all this is the time for new beginnings and pink, green, lavender and yellow.
The picture above is one I shared a few years ago; it was my center piece for St. Patrick's day that year.
   I am ready for pink and yellow and all of the beauties of spring.
And for days of hanging linens from my collection on the line to dry and ironing them so crisp and beautiful.

 Yes I am ready for spring but for tonight I will sit by the hearth and let the last embers of winter warm my soul and comfort my dreams.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

When the Wild Things Are Gone

Hello and welcome.  I am very happy to be back; this past year as been amazing in spite of some experiences that have been devastating to much of what I believe in; but here at Mystic Wood I will turn my focus to the gentle things and thoughts of home and family that I love.

    ( The quilt below is from the estate of Sallie Inez Williams of the Rocky Mount Mill Village)
I always like to post about comforts of times past. I believe that coverlets and quits may be two of my favorite collections. I lived with quilts and quilters when I was small. I know how warm and comforting they are and I learned the dreamy, magical ways of the quilter. When my grandmothers quilted and stitched their hands worked by patience and great skill learned from years of experience. That kind of automatic skill leaves ones mind to wander free so as your hands work the threads; your mind and soul work the spell. Fair weather for planting and the harvest, great love and many children  for the newly weds that will be gifted the quilt. Their eyes saw into the future; how many tomato  plants would be planted and how many quarts must be put by for the winter that would come.

I watched as my Grandmother stitched amazing lace and beautiful embroidery every day of her life. 
I lived and played with the wild things of the river and the Mystic Wood; some a part of the natural way of the river and some created only in my little child's  mind.  
That beautiful wild wood is disappearing  as I write. Trees felled and houses pushed down in the course of a day, with the promise of how it will all be better.  No gardens grow behind those neatly remodeled mill houses, no quilters gather on the porches. Each porch is neatly arranged with the same swing and the same chairs all belonging to the developers.  

This house is no longer a home; it's become like some ghost longing to be gone and to rest where life was once lived in better days.   And so we start another journey and look forward to a day of new beginnings and the memory of that beautiful, magical wood and river that once existed but that now is just a memory.  

Friday, September 15, 2017


Hi Everyone , It's Rocky here. I hope everyone is loving the cooling weather and enjoying the freshness of autumn.  
It's my turn to post today so I'm adding some pictures from past autumns.  You see at only 4 pounds it's difficult for me to use the camera and mom doesn't let me use her cell phone. 
I love the cooler days because I get to go on longer walks, I'm almost 12 now and the heat can really bother me so I love this time of the year. 

Mom says we are going to be busy this weekend moving furniture around doing some decorating.  I like it when she decorates but not when she moves stuff around because I'm so tiny I could get hurt and she makes me stay in the stupid crib like a baby until she finishes that part.  
I do like to snuggle by the fire when it gets really cold, mom and everybody else likes it to. That fireplace has made us very happ for many years now. 
I know she has a lot planned to do but it's going to be fun watching the house transform. It's like magic. You know what Mom says I'm like magic too. I just make her happy all of the time. Have a great weekend and please continue to pray for all of the people and animals that have had to deal with the hurricanes and fires.  I am so grateful that we are together and safe because everyday when mom comes home she tells us all how much she thanks God and nature that we are safe and all here together.  

Cooler days are coming. I'm really worn out with the heat and humidity. It's so good to start Autumn decorating and to see the...