Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January Beauty

It's an amazing January day here. After several days of ice, snow and way lower than normal temperatures we have finally begun to thaw. I hope that all of my blogger friends had a very happy and amazing holiday season.
We had a a wonderful Christmas and the time spent with family was so precious and wonderful.
  This morning it has been gently raining and cool but compared to the last few days it has felt like spring and I've done my best to enjoy it like a spring day. I've taken several walks this morning. Accompanying me was a very gentle yellow fluffy kitty that I'm calling Short Britches. He is a refugee from the effects of the developers. It seems that a lady a few blocks away was feeding a number of feral cats when the house she rented was purchased by the developers. Renters have had a difficult time as some of them were given only 10 days to vacate their homes. That being said the pets sometimes get left behind and the neighborhood now has a rather large gathering of homeless, hungry kitties. Some have found temporary shelter with neighbors but little Short Britches is most often on my porch and absolutely loves to follow me wherever I go.  I'll post a picture of him soon, I'm trying to find him a forever home as we have only a kill shelter here.  
      I had been quite concerned about my Rosemary bush. I planted it four years ago and lost half of it to ice the first winter. It's waist high now and the bitter cold did no harm to it that I can tell.  I enjoy it so much, it's a fantastic herb to cook with and I use it in crafts and cleaning projects as well. Britches and I payed a visit to the bees today as well and found that while they seemed a bit sluggish they were leaving the hive to search for pollen  just as they should bee. They are such a joy to be near and they gift us with the sweetest honey. My holiday ham was glazed  with their rich honey, fresh orange juice and brown sugar. I have so much that I would like to post but I'd like one more short outing before I start the late afternoon chores. Bee Blessed friends.                                                                        

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  1. Hi Constance~ thanks so much for your visit to my new site! Sounds as if we are having the same weather that you are, even across the US. Here in Boise, we've had unusally cold, snowy and icy conditions. But, so far not much has cleared off.
    Love rosemary! We've planted it in every home and in every climate, seems to be a hardy plant! Enjoy your warmer weather and your new walking companion! :)


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