Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wool and Bees and Eggs OH MY!!!

I'm sorry I haven't posted for two weeks but last weekend we had our Saturday seminar at work and on Sunday morning I realized our modem had died. Anyway I'm back online and I have so much to share with you. Yesterday I was up before dawn to do a little treasure hunting but I will get to that later. As most of you know I live in the city but the good thing is that I am just blocks from the Farmers Market. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful young family. The wool and divine bonnets that you see above are the handiwork and craft of Sherryl King-Wilds. Sherryl and her husband and son Andrew and Forest are the owners of Dairy Orchard Farm just 20 miles away in Spring Hope N.C. I can't tell you how excited I was to visit their booth and how wonderful it was to know that this young family  is bringing back to our community the much needed and long missed art of organic farming. Please visit their website at


Sherryl is also an accomplished writer. On my first visit I bought her first book; Daughter of Air and Storm. I was captivated from the very first page. I won't give the story away as you must read it yourself but I will tell you it is a magical story that sends us on a journey not just through the enchanting lives of the women she writes about but also sends deep into our own hearts to to grasp the sorrows of prejudice and misunderstanding that we as humans see too often and to hold tightly to the knowledge that we each hold within ourselves gifts to be treasures and shared. 


Sherryl gifted me with her second book in the trilogy Daughter of Earth and Tree and I can't wait to start reading it. I also bought a dozen of their free range eggs. Kirby is making Sunday brunch as I am posting this morning. I am looking forward to fresh eggs again. Thank you Sherryl and your family for sharing your wonderful talents and for your devotion to bringing back the goodness of preserving a natural way of life.


Yesterday was also Bee Day at the market. Bees are so important to our environment and again this is another art that is disappearing from our lives. I not only came home with some sweet local honey but got to see an actual hive and demonstration on how the bees are kept and the honey and wax are harvested. I also now have a local source for beeswax. I haven't made candles in ages but I'm so looking forward to the fragrance of melting beeswax in my home. 


There was a group of young boys dipping candles the old way. I remember this from the farm when I was a child.

There was even a solar wax melter.

I also came home with these! Fresh local grown strawberries.
There will strawberry shortcake tonight and next week is the strawberry jazz at the farmers market so I expect to making jam after I enjoy another visit to the market.

If you are in the area don't forget to stop by and visit their website at

Now back to my treasure hunting; there were only a few sales yesterday but I must have been in the right place at the right time. I found this fantastic antique table.

It is just my primitive style. I guess the magic was just high yesterday. I also was lucky to find a couple more rolling pins for my collection. I love rolling pins and great set of green canisters. The canisters are showing some wear but that's the way I like them, well used and loved and I just love the color.

I ended the day with a visit to my neighbors to feed and check on her new babies while she is out of town. She recently rescued a mama and her newborn litter of kittens. I didn't get a picture but we spent some time playing with five rolly polly kittens about six weeks old. They had us laughing so hard. As you know I have my own furbabies that I adore and it was so nice to visit with these little scamps. Please remember to adopt a pet from your local shelter and please, please spay and neuter. I was in rescue for a number of years myself and all of my brats are rescues, some were ferals but believe me they give back more than I can ever give to them.

I wish you all a week of happiness and  joy. Reach out and embrace the magic around you.

Blessings Sallie


  1. BEAUTIFUL post, Miss Sallie ~
    Your wording & pictures have sent my mind ahead to next weekend, where I hope to enjoy our local Farmers Market as well....

    too bad you didn't have a picture of those tiny furbaby kittens!

    Blessed be~

  2. Hi Sallie,

    What a delightful blog you have. I can relate to ALL of it! May I put your blog onto my blog roll? I would love to share yours. My husband has kept bees. We both love the simpler pleasures of this world, and I thank you for reading EAL, as he is a writer for it. My Mother will enjoy hearing that you like her beautiful house. And of course I love cats. I call all of them "Baby-Kitties". Keep up the good work, Sallie!

    (my alter-ego)

  3. Hello Sallie..thank you ever so much for stopping by to visit and for your kind compliments :)

    Love your blog and what a wonderful post this is..Thank you for sharing the beekeeping...candle dipping and great market finds!

    Have a wonderful day,

  4. Strawberries how yummy... ours are still at least a month away.
    Sounds like you had a great time at the Farmer's Market and now the house will be filled with the wonderful fragrance of beeswax. I think that would encourage me to turn out the lights and light a candle.
    Susan x



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