Saturday, February 25, 2012

Her Royal Highness

This was my estate sale treasure last weekend. It's an old wardrobe or as one member  of the family that I purchased it from pointed out that it had a one time had shelves and may have used to store linens and quilts.

It will be used to store linens and quilts now even though it does has a rod that is much newer than the piece it's self.

I love the old carving and I'm caller it Her Royal Highness not because she was expensive ( she was not) and not because she's extermely fancy ( she's not) and not because she is extermemly heavy.
This old dame comes apart into five pieces, there's the top and the back and the two sides with the door and the bottom with the drawer and it all fits back together with wedges and pegs. Boy was this a puzzle trying to get each peg lined up and each wedge on and doing this with only adding one or two little scratches. Well those are barely noticable and tiny little scuffs; and add just a tiny reminder of her many years of life. Little touches of charecter; I hope the many lines of the years have given me character and so we will love and enjoy her Highness through our lives as well my daughter and my grandchildern and many generations to follow.

Happy Weekend!   

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monster Chair

I found this rocker yesterday, it is one monster chair. I have lots of problems with my back and I have not one chair in this house that I can sit in for very long. I'd hoped to find something at the auction last week and they did have few nice chairs but they were basically the same type chairs that I already have. This boy is not like one I've ever seen but it is working with my back.   

I love the large heavy arms and curves of the wood and this is the first time that I have ever seen a paw foot on a rocker. Recovering this will be easy and I've thought about making a pretty white tie on slip, maybe with a little ruffle. It would brighten it up and be easy to wash as the Brats are taking to the chair too. Would it be an insult to such a strong chair to add a ruffle. Does anyone know if there's a name for this type chair?The rug beneath is all hand braided, it's a large room size oval rug that I found at a church yard sale a couple of years ago. It had never been used and even with it's large size the pin and lose ends of the braid are tucked under at one end; whoever did all of this work was planning to make it even larger. It is a favorite of mine.   

This is the drop leaf table that I purchased at auction last week. It's a wonderful primitive table and Boo Kitty has inspected it and approves of it as well. 

 I love the turnings on the legs, the one drawer and the wide boards. I will enjoy decorating and using this for many years.
Have a wonderful week.

Sallie and the Brats

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beautiful Spring Like Saturday

It's been so beautiful and warm here today, I started some rearanging and a little bit of spring cleaning.

I found this old jar at an estate sale today, gotta get it cleaned up. I love the pale blue gray color. I wonder where I will put it? I love the top on it too, I never have seen one like this. 

These are a couple of my favorite pewter mugs. I really want a pewter cupboard.

This was another addition today. It's been a while since I found a good piece of ironstone to add to my collection and this was a real treat.

I also found this cut glass crystal piece; I'm not a great glass collector but who could pass this up?

I got out this old lamp, it has all of it's sparkly, dangly things; I should get it to  lamp shop and have it rewired and find a globe that fits it. I will have to keep it away from the Brats, they love sparkly and dangly things.

Well it's back to cleaning, I hope to start getting those lovely vintage linens in my Etsy shop this week. The weather is taking a nasty turn tomorrow and they are saying we may even get SNOW!!!

Stay warm,


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Victoria Va Day Trip

 I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Yesterday we started out about 7:00 AM and headed to Victoria Va to visit an estate auction. I haven't been to a really good auction in quite a while and we surely had a wonderful time. I didn't take my camera but I wish I had; the drive was so beautiful. Winding country roads and rolling hills; peaceful small towns and the most beautiful old farm and plantation houses; not to mention the stately Victorian homes; I fell in love with them all.
 A while back I mentioned the January white sales; well I purchased the most enchanting linens from this sale. I haven't even had time to go through all of the boxes but I can tell you that there are some exquisite treasures here. Above I'm showing just a tiny sample.  The pictures didn't come out well, I just couldn't get the right lighting but you will be seeing more of these lovelies in my Etsy shop soon.  
 And you know there is always that very special thing that you've been looking for and it was there waiting for me. You can't see it very well in this picture but I'll be posting again soon with some better pictures. It's a primitive drop leaf table. The drop sides are one 14 1/2 inch board. It has the most beautiful patina and the turned legs are just beautiful. I've seen them called plantation tables but I really am not sure if that is correct. I am sure that it dates to the early to mid 1800's. I can't wait to get better pictures for you.  
Well tomorrow is Monday and it's back to the office. I hope everyone has a great week, Winter blew in here yesterday while we were in Victoria and while we didn't get snow we really got the cold temps. That's OK spring will be here soon.

Bright Blessings,

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A few favorite finds.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday. I'm not a football fan but I am counting the minutes to 9:00 PM; I'm hopelessly hooked on Downton Abbey. Have you seen it? I'm not a big TV fan at all but I have to admit I have not missed one single episode. I was having so many problems with the internet service out here that I wasn't able to post very often last summer and these are a few things that I found during my spring and summer treasure hunting.   

I picked up two of these watercolors at an estate sale one day during my lunch break. I was able to contact the company that framed this one; yes they are still in business since the 1920's. The lady that I spoke with was so nice, I described  the lable and she was delighted to tell me that it was indeed one of their early lables and advised me to open the back to see if there was more information on the artist. I haven't been able to bring myself to do that. It has never been disturbed since it was framed and I like that the original backing is in tact. Should I ????

I found this little framed cross stitch at the thrift store for .75, I will painting and destressing the frame to give it a little primitive character.
 I also found this sweet linen towel with a revolutionary soldier cross stitched on it. I've been working on the primitive bedroom and it seems like the colors here have decided to be red white and blue. That's not exactly the colors I planned to use but I hung the WWI Blue Star Memorial flag on the wall in here and suddenly things seemed to just start happening. My old red rocker and bench wanted to be near the flag, and just a few days ago I stopped into the thrift store again for the first time in months and found a beautiful red, white and blue braided room size carpet. There was no tag and when I asked the price and she told me $2.99 I almost fainted. I'll share pictures of that once I get it in here.  
 I guess my favorite find was this old trencher, the patina on this is so beautiful and I love the shape.

 And I also found this sweet damask tablecloth and the pillow with the appliqued lace. These will find a place in my spring decorating.

Well it's back to the office tomorrow but for now I'm getting ready for a cup of hot chocolate and Downton. I do hope Mary gets her love life straight soon.

Blessings to all.


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