Sunday, February 19, 2012

Monster Chair

I found this rocker yesterday, it is one monster chair. I have lots of problems with my back and I have not one chair in this house that I can sit in for very long. I'd hoped to find something at the auction last week and they did have few nice chairs but they were basically the same type chairs that I already have. This boy is not like one I've ever seen but it is working with my back.   

I love the large heavy arms and curves of the wood and this is the first time that I have ever seen a paw foot on a rocker. Recovering this will be easy and I've thought about making a pretty white tie on slip, maybe with a little ruffle. It would brighten it up and be easy to wash as the Brats are taking to the chair too. Would it be an insult to such a strong chair to add a ruffle. Does anyone know if there's a name for this type chair?The rug beneath is all hand braided, it's a large room size oval rug that I found at a church yard sale a couple of years ago. It had never been used and even with it's large size the pin and lose ends of the braid are tucked under at one end; whoever did all of this work was planning to make it even larger. It is a favorite of mine.   

This is the drop leaf table that I purchased at auction last week. It's a wonderful primitive table and Boo Kitty has inspected it and approves of it as well. 

 I love the turnings on the legs, the one drawer and the wide boards. I will enjoy decorating and using this for many years.
Have a wonderful week.

Sallie and the Brats

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