Saturday, February 25, 2012

Her Royal Highness

This was my estate sale treasure last weekend. It's an old wardrobe or as one member  of the family that I purchased it from pointed out that it had a one time had shelves and may have used to store linens and quilts.

It will be used to store linens and quilts now even though it does has a rod that is much newer than the piece it's self.

I love the old carving and I'm caller it Her Royal Highness not because she was expensive ( she was not) and not because she's extermely fancy ( she's not) and not because she is extermemly heavy.
This old dame comes apart into five pieces, there's the top and the back and the two sides with the door and the bottom with the drawer and it all fits back together with wedges and pegs. Boy was this a puzzle trying to get each peg lined up and each wedge on and doing this with only adding one or two little scratches. Well those are barely noticable and tiny little scuffs; and add just a tiny reminder of her many years of life. Little touches of charecter; I hope the many lines of the years have given me character and so we will love and enjoy her Highness through our lives as well my daughter and my grandchildern and many generations to follow.

Happy Weekend!   

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