Sunday, February 5, 2012

A few favorite finds.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday. I'm not a football fan but I am counting the minutes to 9:00 PM; I'm hopelessly hooked on Downton Abbey. Have you seen it? I'm not a big TV fan at all but I have to admit I have not missed one single episode. I was having so many problems with the internet service out here that I wasn't able to post very often last summer and these are a few things that I found during my spring and summer treasure hunting.   

I picked up two of these watercolors at an estate sale one day during my lunch break. I was able to contact the company that framed this one; yes they are still in business since the 1920's. The lady that I spoke with was so nice, I described  the lable and she was delighted to tell me that it was indeed one of their early lables and advised me to open the back to see if there was more information on the artist. I haven't been able to bring myself to do that. It has never been disturbed since it was framed and I like that the original backing is in tact. Should I ????

I found this little framed cross stitch at the thrift store for .75, I will painting and destressing the frame to give it a little primitive character.
 I also found this sweet linen towel with a revolutionary soldier cross stitched on it. I've been working on the primitive bedroom and it seems like the colors here have decided to be red white and blue. That's not exactly the colors I planned to use but I hung the WWI Blue Star Memorial flag on the wall in here and suddenly things seemed to just start happening. My old red rocker and bench wanted to be near the flag, and just a few days ago I stopped into the thrift store again for the first time in months and found a beautiful red, white and blue braided room size carpet. There was no tag and when I asked the price and she told me $2.99 I almost fainted. I'll share pictures of that once I get it in here.  
 I guess my favorite find was this old trencher, the patina on this is so beautiful and I love the shape.

 And I also found this sweet damask tablecloth and the pillow with the appliqued lace. These will find a place in my spring decorating.

Well it's back to the office tomorrow but for now I'm getting ready for a cup of hot chocolate and Downton. I do hope Mary gets her love life straight soon.

Blessings to all.


  1. Hi,
    I am a new follower. I love your "finds" and your blog. I am a animal lover as well.We have a 21 year old Female Persian named Prissie who we adore. I will come back and visit...Have a wonderful evening...

  2. I just love primative antiques. I reserve my kitchen for them. I also sell, well try to, a lot of them in my gift and antique shop. I love the little girl painting. I have one, and some dumb idiot said the cracked paint made her look like a lizard baby. I feel that persons mind is warped. Go figure. Any how thanks for stopping by. I am your newest follower and I hope to see and read much more from you in the future, Happy Valentines day. Keep on Blogging. Richard from My Old Historic House.


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