Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Moments in Time

It's been a humid, hot, time here in Eastern NC. Last time I checked the heat index was 108. I am a lover of nature and everyday I have to spend some time outside but believe me on days like this that time is limited. I thought I'd spend some time just going back through old times and old pictures. The old house always comes to mind at the top of my list. I dearly miss that house and there were so many memories made in that house. Even on days like this I could retreat to the porch and find a bit of breeze in the shade of the giant oaks. There were four amazing old oaks around that house and only one remains now. Hurricanes and time itself has claimed three of them. I loved working on that porch, sewing and painting and making notes on my next project. It was an inspiring place full of muse and mystery.
 I always have to think about Halloween and autumn, especially on days like this. It's always a pleasure  this time of year when I start working on Halloween art but it's very hard not to decorate the house as I go. I will be canning tomatoes this week not visiting the pumpkin farm! However; I can remember the Halloween Parties with Brother and my Grandson. I think we spent much of the year tossing around ideas for our Halloween celebrations.
In a few weeks the weather will begin to cool and I will become restless; no longer able to sit and reflect to much on times past. I will visit old houses and antiques shops. I will drive the countryside past long stretches of golden forests and marvel at the specter of ancient houses that appear from overgrown fields, visible only when the vines and brush withdraw for their winter rest.  If there is no traffic and I focus I can see a glimmer of an old headstone from a little grove in the middle of a field. As more and more land was cleared for farming old cemetery's were left in place and the fields were cleared around them.   Many of them have become abandoned and so they disappear all cloaked in a blanket of green during the summer.                                                                                  
 The butterfly bush has been a busy affair this summer, bees, humming birds, butterflies, moths and even tiny mason bees have kept her company. She enjoys their visits and is always ready to provide a meal of sweet nectar for their journey home.  
I can see that the sun has slipped behind a cloud and my fur kids are telling me this would be a good time to slip outside for a break. Off I go to move on with the days schedule and to reflect in the back of  my mind on how quickly the seasons change.

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  1. Hi Constance - what a lovely serene post.
    I am not a hot weather person - unless I can go to the ocean, then I'm all there!
    Your back in time thoughts are like mine a lot of the time. I don't live in the past but think of it often, not as a 'what if', but just pleasant thoughts like you. Fun isn't it.
    I'm having to think of Fall and Halloween things too with the business - seems we are always a month/holiday ahead when we create.
    Thanks for sharing



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