Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I have so many favorites when it comes to flowers. I guess it would be fair to say that I love all flowers but Hydrangeas have been my favorite this week. I just love them and unfortunately they seem to get a little faint when the heat index is is 100 + in the shade. The humidity has been awful so I decided to pluck a few flower heads to bring inside. They will dry in the cool dry air and I can enjoy them for quite a while.

They fit perfectly in one one of the old trenchers and I paired them with one of the covered iron stone bowls from my collection.  Miss Snowball watched from her favorite blanket and gave her approval on the arrangement.                                                  
 I hope everyone is staying cool and safe. We've had lots of storms and some flash flooding in the area in the last few days but we are safe and cool. Snowball and Rocky are always close by and ready to give their opinions on any changes that I make in the house. We've been discussing autumn as I work on dolls and pumpkins and they agree that the first cool crisp day fall will be very welcome here.                                                                              

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