Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day Adventure

 Well vacation time is over and I hope that each of you had a wonderful weekend. We made our annual trip down the roads less traveled on an amazing adventure from Nash County through, Vance, Franklin, and Warren counties and then down the back roads to beautiful Petersburg Va.

 My daughter and I are working on our family history, and we love visiting these small farming communities where  ancestors from both of my families lived more than 200 years ago.
 The little Village of Kittrell is a favorite stop. Many of our ancestors lived there and to this day it is such an amazing and beautiful place. You absolutely feel that you are some how rooted to this land. The peace and quiet stillness is like a healing whisper all around you.  
 You just feel as if somewhere in some ancient memory you have walked among the brave people that carved America from the wilderness. You are suddenly connected to the men and women that have given all to serve our land and guarantee  our freedom through so many wars.
 We visited the resting places of so many of our own ancestors and stood with tears in our eyes to know that all across our nation these old places are disappearing.
 Everything takes on a different meaning, each old house becomes a home with generations of love, hope, laughter, and sorrow. They stand from hard work and much devotion and  faith and they are here to remind us that this is America and we must step lightly and work hard to be as strong and faithful to our neighbors, friends and family and to this land as were those ancestors that paved the paths before us.  
We returned home feeling stronger and so blessed and so proud to know that beauty and peace will never disappear as long as we work hard, honor our country and our fellow man and keep the memories of our land with honor and pride.    

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