Wednesday, July 6, 2016

It's Summertime in North Carolina

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Forth of July Holiday. I spent three busy but peaceful days working on my home. So many plans have been put on hold since February  and I'm not happy about that but I am determined to get back to my life. 
On Saturday we had some much needed rain and it was pleasantly cool and then by yesterday the heat index was 108. That's  North Carolina for you but the humid summer days bring me closer and closer to Autumn. I'm already getting my sewing machine in tune to pumpkins and witches. I'll be posting pictures later this month and I also plan to list some of my pumpkins and dolls in my our etsy shop. 

My feather friends are loving this extraordinary bird house crafted by my neighbor and dear friend.  He does the most amazing wood work.

I tried to add a picture of the bees but once again good old windows 10 isn't letting me access my picture files. Can you believe at age 64 I am learning to keep bees!!!! I still have a lot to learn but I am loving visiting the hives and learning all about these very busy creatures. I'm also learning about blue mason bees and hopefully I'll be posting pictures of their houses as well. 
The picture above is an old family photo that a cousin was kind enough to share with us. The little blonde girl on the far right is my grandmother. It just takes my breath away to see her and all of her family gathered together so long ago.
I still find myself drifting back to our trip to Kittrell on Memorial Day.  There is just such an honest and peaceful feeling everywhere you go. It's beautiful farmland and old houses full of memories and history.
My precious old hound Belle Star is telling me that I have much to do and she would like for me to pet her right away so I should go but I hope to be posting weekly now.  Have a wonderful week and stay cool.  

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