Sunday, May 8, 2016

It's a Beautiful Mothers Day

 I hope each and everyone of my blogger friends are have a lovely happy Mothers Day just as I am. I spent some time earlier this week packing up the bunnies from the Easter Decorating and wanted to post some pictures before they retreat into their hutches to rest until displayed next year.
 I also want to say Happy Mothers Day to my maternal grandmother Jenny Selma Duke Pittman and my mother Hilda Creech. They have been gone for many years but everyday I think of them and I am so grateful to have been blessed to have them in my life. My grandmother Selma was a great needlewoman, my love of antiques and and sewing came from her and she taught me many of the skills that I have today.
 I love the bunnies and often keep them out until fall but this year they are going to rest earlier and most likely will emerge next to be displayed in a new home.
 I'll just mention that I had not given any thought of selling this house but there are developers that have already bought much of the block and they are interested in this property as well.
 The situation is that this city needs revitalizing and jobs and so much more. I love this area so much, there are so many memories in this area and this house and it is difficult to get happy about a change that I had not expected. Knowing that the developing should bring a new time of growth for this area I realize that I am ready to move on. It will be difficult in many ways but I have started looking at properties and I know that as long as I can find a comfortable home that I can afford to buy I will be fine.  Again I wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day and I will be back with updates on the house as they come. I'm believing there is maybe a perfect farm house out there that is looking for me.

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