Monday, January 11, 2016

Brothers Magical Bear

Many years ago I bought an old house that most people point blank told me I was an idiot to buy. There may have been some truth in that except that it was an amazing old haunted place that became very loved not only by me but by many others in my family as well. 
A few months after buying it, brother and I were going through a bin of stuff left behind when the last owner moved out. This bear was so dusty and raggedy and I thought it should go out with the trash. It's not an antique bear and I'm telling you he was not a pretty sight.  Brother quickly  scooped up the bear and let me know point blank that this bear would stay. He would be Chuck's own bear and his name would be Little Bear. We cleaned Little Bear up and gave him a cradle to sleep in. A few years later mothers home flooded and I was able to salvage some of Chuck's baby clothes from 1962 and I started dressing Little Bear up. This was such a blessing to all of our family especially since Mom and Chuck had lost their home. Over the years Chuck added another bear to his collection and found an antique desk for them to sit on. When Chuck died his cat slept on Little Bear for weeks until I put both of them in bed with me one night. Slowly Wallace and I started to heal.we learned to smile and laugh again. Little Bear wanted his picture taken in the old red chair this morning. Isn't he beautiful? Isn't it wonderful to have an old dusty, raggedy bear to bring a family together? My brother, perhaps the wisest person I have known. 


  1. What a precious bear...and even more precious story..... That truly made my heart smile.... Smiles & Hugs (for you and Little Bear too!) ~ Robin

  2. What a lovely bear ...and such a beautiful story ! I'm a new follower and look forward to visiting in the future. Have a great day ~ Angela



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