Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lovely Lovely Day

I really enjoyed baking on the cold days but thankfully this warm up will get me out for a much needed walk as I may have overdone it on the calorie intake as I hibernated for a few days. I hope all is bright and beautiful where you are. 
It's  a chilly day here today but I'm very happy that the sun is out and I've been hanging laundry on the line. The sun just feels so good after the cold snap we've had. It was a bit of a shock going from temps in the high 70's to temps in the low 30's in a matter of days. The birds are singing and celebrating  and l always enjoy the sweetness of nature.  Needless to say I will be ironing tomorrow and getting new items in our Etsy shop. Have a warm and blessed weekend. 


  1. Hello my friend.... I hope you remember me...It's been a long while since I've frequented Blogland...but I have so missed everyone. Glad you are enjoying your weather... Here in Nod we have had 3 (or has been 4 already?) straight days of snow...and tonight we are entering the deep freeze... Tomorrow's high is predicted to be a balmy 0...and that is WITHOUT the wind chill. No laundry on this crow's line LOL!!! Hope things are well in your world and wishing you a new year filled with blessings, promise, joys and miracles.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

    1. Hi Robin. It is great to hear from you. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that spring will be here soon. Happy New year to you



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