Monday, November 2, 2015

Rainy Monday

Good Morning 

 It's a rainy dreary morning here at Mystic Wood. I usually love days like this but today I had hoped to get another load of beautiful antique linens laundered and out in the sun. It appears that it will be a few more days before that can happen but I have been ironing some lovely pieces that I will be listing in our Etsy shop later today.
This is just a preview of the listings. Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I'm just having an  awful time getting my pictures uploaded and saved. I love ironing and working with these antique and vintage linens and I have always been able to get so much detail in the photographs but I just can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. That being said I will be working on a solution through the day until I get it right.

My Grandmother left me many of her linens, some that she had made as a child for her bridal chest. These are a treasured part of our family history for my daughters and myself. I remember cold rainy afternoons as a child at Grandmothers. There was no mistaking that it was ironing  day as the fragrance of lavender linen water drifted through every room. I would nap lulled to slumber not by the drone of a television but by the constant click-click of the iron cord plugged into a "socket" in the over head ceiling  light. There were no receptacles in old houses then.  I can still see her at her wooden ironing board softly humming as she ironed.

I hope you all have a wonderful week but I must be off to work on the pictures. Maybe we'll have sunshine soon but in the mean time I just may do some ironing. It's quite peaceful when I drift back to those sweet days with Grand Mother.  

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