Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Here at Mystic Wood we would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. We will be spending time with family and and friends and and our fur kids too. Be blessed everyone. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Some of my Favorite Things - Sunday Dinner, Dried Herbs & Coupons

Hi, It's Lisa and today I thought I would write about some of my favorite things.  Sunday Dinners!  We used to go to my grandparents house every Sunday for dinner when I was a child.  Never really understood how important the meals were to my Granny Estelle, Granny Hilda and Granny Taylor.  About 6 weeks ago I started this tradition here with my girls, Kasey & Megan, and Austin (Megan's best friend who is like a son to me). With all of their busy schedules, college, school and work we don't often get to sit down as a family for a meal.  I'm so proud of all them and all their hard work, I now know what a honor it is to make a special dinner for them and us all to sit down and spend time together.  While I cook some of my Grannie's recipes on occasion, I like to try different things and eat a bit healthier (I don't have a 5 gallon bucket of lard under my kitchen sink!). Tonight I'm making Pork Chops with mustard cream sauce, pasta, and proscuitto wrapped asparagus.  Appetizers will be Avocado, tomato, basil, mozzarella crustini and for dessert,
Chocolate Pudding Pie,
and Apple Pie.

The 2nd Favorite thing.  I cut all my herbs yesterday before it started to freeze.  Love the look on my wall and the fragrant smell of all the herbs.  Once they are dried will have wonderful home grown herbs all season.

And finally coupons.  Who doesn't like to save money?  In honor of the opening of Mystic Woods CAC Etsy shop we are now offering a Grand Opening Coupon.  From November 15th through November 28th enter the coupon code GO2419 to receive 10% off your purchase at our Etsy shop.  

Friday, November 13, 2015

Beautiful Autumn Day and some Wonderful News

I hope everyone has had a day just as lovely as it is here today.
The sun is warm and bright with an amazing breeze just perfect for drying clothes on the line. There has been just a slight chill on the wind that reminds me that colder days are coming and it makes me anxious to get so many things done before Thanksgiving arrives.

There are cupboards that must be sorted and and collections of pewter, white ironstone and pottery must be dusted. 

Christmas decorations must find their way from storage and take the place of the autumn things that I always enjoy and hate to pack away but I love the trees and garlands and the festive mood of the house once the work is done.

Now for the news, we will be announcing a grand opening sale for our Etsy shop in the next couple of days so please check back. We will be posting a coupon code for all of our friends here at Mystic Wood and we will be adding more items to the shop also. As some of you may remember we set up our booth at Historic Halifax last summer for the 301 Endless Yard Sale  and the contestants of the Great American Country TV show; Endless  Yard Sale stopped in and filmed our booth as they were shopping and actually bought an item from us. Now we have no idea how they do the final cut for the show but we were filmed and we just may be on the show. Either way we had an amazing time and we just found out that the show will air on Dec. 6 th.  

It's time for me to get back to work, I still haven't gotten used to the time change this year and we are expecting a cool down this evening. I'll be curled on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and Lisa and I will be working on lots of new things for Mystic Wood.

Stay warm and enjoy the week end.     

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

To Our Veterans

To our amazing brave veterans; 

 All of us at Mystic Wood would like to extend our never ending gratitude for your service. To those who have served from the very beginning of our roots upon this shore through out all of the wars and conflicts at home and abroad and to those serving today we are proud of our brave men and women.
Be ever blessed and know that you are the backbone of our freedom and that with our prayers and respect we honor you this day and every day.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Autumn Sunday

Happy Sunday to you. I still haven't mastered the art of posting from my phone but as you can see I am still trying. It's sunny and windy here today with a bit of chill on the breeze. It's just a lovely day. I'm posting a few pictures of some of my favorite things. A dough bowl filled with bits and pieces of nature from our old house that we treasure along with the memories of family and laughter that we shared there for so many years. I've also included pictures of my lavender
Hydrangea that is still gracing us with her precious blooms. And a picture of my Grand Doggy Jasper, he has decided that he should do the blog posts and I know he would be quite entertaining. Have a wonderful week from all of us here at Mysticwood. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Rainy Monday

Good Morning 

 It's a rainy dreary morning here at Mystic Wood. I usually love days like this but today I had hoped to get another load of beautiful antique linens laundered and out in the sun. It appears that it will be a few more days before that can happen but I have been ironing some lovely pieces that I will be listing in our Etsy shop later today.
This is just a preview of the listings. Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I'm just having an  awful time getting my pictures uploaded and saved. I love ironing and working with these antique and vintage linens and I have always been able to get so much detail in the photographs but I just can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong. That being said I will be working on a solution through the day until I get it right.

My Grandmother left me many of her linens, some that she had made as a child for her bridal chest. These are a treasured part of our family history for my daughters and myself. I remember cold rainy afternoons as a child at Grandmothers. There was no mistaking that it was ironing  day as the fragrance of lavender linen water drifted through every room. I would nap lulled to slumber not by the drone of a television but by the constant click-click of the iron cord plugged into a "socket" in the over head ceiling  light. There were no receptacles in old houses then.  I can still see her at her wooden ironing board softly humming as she ironed.

I hope you all have a wonderful week but I must be off to work on the pictures. Maybe we'll have sunshine soon but in the mean time I just may do some ironing. It's quite peaceful when I drift back to those sweet days with Grand Mother.  


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