Sunday, November 15, 2015

Some of my Favorite Things - Sunday Dinner, Dried Herbs & Coupons

Hi, It's Lisa and today I thought I would write about some of my favorite things.  Sunday Dinners!  We used to go to my grandparents house every Sunday for dinner when I was a child.  Never really understood how important the meals were to my Granny Estelle, Granny Hilda and Granny Taylor.  About 6 weeks ago I started this tradition here with my girls, Kasey & Megan, and Austin (Megan's best friend who is like a son to me). With all of their busy schedules, college, school and work we don't often get to sit down as a family for a meal.  I'm so proud of all them and all their hard work, I now know what a honor it is to make a special dinner for them and us all to sit down and spend time together.  While I cook some of my Grannie's recipes on occasion, I like to try different things and eat a bit healthier (I don't have a 5 gallon bucket of lard under my kitchen sink!). Tonight I'm making Pork Chops with mustard cream sauce, pasta, and proscuitto wrapped asparagus.  Appetizers will be Avocado, tomato, basil, mozzarella crustini and for dessert,
Chocolate Pudding Pie,
and Apple Pie.

The 2nd Favorite thing.  I cut all my herbs yesterday before it started to freeze.  Love the look on my wall and the fragrant smell of all the herbs.  Once they are dried will have wonderful home grown herbs all season.

And finally coupons.  Who doesn't like to save money?  In honor of the opening of Mystic Woods CAC Etsy shop we are now offering a Grand Opening Coupon.  From November 15th through November 28th enter the coupon code GO2419 to receive 10% off your purchase at our Etsy shop.  

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