Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Sweet Peace of Autumn Arriving


Hello everyone, Are you as excited as I am?  This is my favorite time of the year. It has been cool and cloudy here today as if the Mother Earth is sadly saying goodbye to glorious summer as she retreats to her rest while at the  same time welcoming autumn to bring us comfort and the second harvest. It has been a very busy day here but I have tried to focus my thoughts on the season to come with much gratitude for the many wonderful blessings of my life.

    I spent most of the afternoon picking kale, mustard, and turnip greens and shelling  butter beans.   My Grandmother called this time of the year the second harvest and her sisters referred to it as the Mabon.  It has always been a busy time, there were quilts to be finished before the cold set in and some of these would be given for Christmas presents. Embroidered pillowcases and dresser scarves would be finished for presents too.
It seemed as if we were taking inventory all around the house and already planning the lists of treats to be made for Halloween and the meal that would be prepared for Thanksgiving.  We welcomed the cooler days and in the evenings we would linger past dark on the front porch making every last minute of the day last. It was always a time to reflect and remember loved ones long gone and to think on names for babies not yet born.  It seemed as if all of life itself came together in this season. 

I find myself remembering those long gone days but I also find that I live in many ways much as I did then. There are crafts to be finished, more greens to harvest and soon there will be sweet potatoes in the basket on the kitchen table. Already a large orange pumpkin has made it's way to my front porch and Jacks and witches are peeking out around the house. I will be arranging the the furniture  soon in a way that will accommodate room for the Christmas trees when it is time to decorate. Quilts and coverlets are being washed or aired one last time before the cold arrives and sweaters and scarves are making their way back into my bedroom chest.

There is much cleaning being done now and a bit of painting as well. I It is a busy time but my mind is filled with peace and balance and I wish each of you a very happy Autumn.

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