Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Joining Blog and Business with Mom

Hi Everyone!  My name is Lisa and I'm Constance's daughter. I am so excited to join with my Mom on this blog as well as our business Mystic Woods CAC(Crafts, Antiques & Collectibles).  We have been thinking and planning on getting the business started for well over 20 years.  Finally after years of working and raising my two amazing daughters we are ready to get Mystic Woods CAC up and running.  We started with going to flea markets, festivals and this past June joining with the Town of Halifax during the Endless yard sale and being apart of the HGTV/GAC tv show that filmed.  Our Etsy store will be opening in the next few days with lots of gorgeous vintage linens, antiques and hand made crafts.  We will be posting a link so be sure to check out all the wonderful items.

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