Sunday, May 20, 2012


 Good Sunday to everyone, I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful weekend. I am feeling much better and trying to catch up on some housework. Never thought I'd be so happy about spending my weekend cleaning but it is so good to feel good again. Sorry about the ironing board peeking in on the picture above  but you know how it goes when you are trying to do ten things at once. Above are some favorites of mine, now that I'm able to get back to doing some of my favorite things I'm trying to get things sort of all together so I can rearrange them to display them better.
 I enjoy finding pieces of NC pottery, the red ware plates are from Seagroves. You can find the most beautiful pieces of pottery there and I love redware.
 The two pieces above are L Miles pieces also NC pottery.
 Yelloware is an all time favorite of mine and the pumpkin bowl above has been with me a long time. It is my absolute favorite piece of yelloware.
 This old enamel ware mold was a garage sale find for .50 cents.
 Old wooden bowls are another passion, the more worn they are the more I love them.

 I love old crocks, well who doesn't. This is a favorite.
And always sweet surprises from nature, the best gifts are most precious.

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