Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

 Wishing everyone a Wonderful Mothers Day!  My work schedule and health issues have taken most of my time the last few weeks. I'll be back soon and I'm looking forward to blogging and being well again.
My Mom and Babysister, I miss you Mom and Babysister. Try not to cause to much trouble in Heaven. 


  1. Happy (almost belated) Mother's Day to you dear Sallie....Sorry to hear of your health problems - hoping things will get better. Congratulations on the birth of your great nephew - what a blessing - I'm sure your brother is there, in spirit and soul. I read with sadness about the trial of his very sorry. I have no words of comfort - I only pray that, farther along, we'll understand why.... You are in my thoughts and prayers....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Love the yellowware. Check us out at Antique if you have the time. Love to hear from you.



 I just wanted to pop in and say Hi, I'm still here. It has been one hectic year but I hope to be blogging again soon.  My goodnes...