Saturday, March 10, 2012

Looking For Spring

Today was a nice sunny day for a spring walk. I've been a little slow on getting my strength back and thought the fresh air might help.

Her Ladyship has been very distressed with me, very upset that she has not been dressed and groomed to her liking in the weeks since she's been here.

She approved of the sheer lace runner I gave her to drape over her shelf and help to hide the cloths rod.

I came here in May and the little creek bed has been dry, never a drop of water not even after the fury of Irene. I was delighted on Wednesday morning to see a little stream forming as I was leaving for work.  

The creek is alive again and the water is flowing from the Aurelian Spring. The spring itself is not on this property but just off to the side somewhere in the brambles behind the magic tree. I would  love to follow the little stream to it's source and see if it could be cleaned and cleared. I'm sure it is overgrown and tangled  with debris from the storms we have had in this area over the last few years. Perhaps she would flow all year again if she had help.

In the last few weeks I have seen two enchanting ancient houses disappear in just a days time. One was an old eyebrow colonial. They are rare here now and I had promised I'd get a picture of her and then in a  day she was gone, pushed down into one pile of rubble. Memories, laughter and the ghosts of our history all pushed down without a thought. On my walk I took pictures of these barns, old barns are disappearing too I'm hoping our neighbors will let these stay; they are a beautiful part of history and the landscape.   

Spring was peeking through all along the way.

Now back to her highness, she is demanding more lace and linen and I am happy to oblige.


  1. Hello Dear Sallie - So sorry to have gone MIA for so long - but, I just have lost my balance these days it seems. Have done a little "catch-up" reading on your blog and sorry to read that you've been feeling punky. I will keep you in my best thoughts and prayers - truly hope it's nothing serious and, whatever it is, they can diagnose it properly and "fix" it. Looks like you've found some wonderful treasures lately - I love that old prim table...and, of course, "Her Highness" - what's not to love there?? Wonderful photos of the old buildings and creek as well - it's strange and sad how our landscapes morph and change taking their snapshots of history with them....I know when I went back to our old homestead this past fall, I scoured the landscape for the creek that ran so boldly through my childhood and caught nary a glimpse of it..... Wishing you a blessing-filled weekend.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Well my dear you have best be taking it easy. Waiting for results or an outcome when one is ill can be so frustrating.
    I trust the approach of Spring and all her beauty will help to lift the spirits...
    Best wishes for quick recovery.
    Susan x

  3. Spring has sprung. Thanks for stopping by, my Old Historic House. I am your newest follower. I look forward to reading and see more of your blogs soon. Richard



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