Saturday, March 24, 2012

Historic Halifax NC

It's a damp, rainy, misty morning but I love misty mornings. 
I made the short drive to Historic Halifax and took a few pictures.

                                 This was the home of William R Davie a hero of the revolution.

                                               The Eagle Tavern; I can close my eyes and imagine the energy here in the years proceeding the revolution.

The old jail complete with stocks.

This house is one of my favorites, The Sally-Billy house; it's original location was near my home when I had the old house. It would have been gone years ago if it hadn't been moved to Halifax and restored.

                                      Beautiful, enchanting views all around, quiet and sleepy
                                       and such a charming village. 

Another tavern, the dwellings here are original to Halifax except the Sally- Billy which was brought here for restoration and protection.

I'll be back with more pictures and history; have a magical Saturday. 


  1. Great visit~ I can feel all the history~ just gives me goosebumps~
    thanks for sharing~

  2. Wonderful tour...thanks for sharing this bit of history!

  3. Wow...that's positively mesmerizing....It looks as though there's not a soul around - and that the original inhabitants could just walk back in any time. How I would love to see those places in person!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin



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