Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just Country Saturday

Quiet white dogwood.

A wild azalea blooms in the forest.

A silly pup.

Old tobacco basket.

Ghosts of farm life.

A lady waits.

Soft spring moss and


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Once Upon a Time

Once upun a time; there was time. I have always been a crafter. I've made dolls, and embroidery was a skill that I learned way before I started school and so was quilting. Along the way and through the years I started to paint and draw; I've made candles and soap and sweet smelling herbal pillows. 

The last few years I just can't find any time. I have my job and the brats and there have been a few health issues but nothing too serious. Why don't I have any time??? 

I love to sew and I make my own designs, I can't make a real pattern; I just sort of know what I'm trying to make and I usually get pretty close. 

My Grandmother was quite a needlewoman; she had me quilting as soon as I could hold a needle and the rule was that 10-11 stitches per inch was the proper stitch count and by the time I was eleven years old I could quilt ten tiny stitches per inch as easily as I could tie my shoe. I'm sure I cannot do that now but I love to quilt and I've pulled these sweet fabrics from my stash and I am determined to find time.

                                                                             I love the muted spring colors, please follow me on my journey to find my old self, my real self, the path of life that I love and that I miss. I am on a journey to find time.
Happy Spring,


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Historic Halifax NC

It's a damp, rainy, misty morning but I love misty mornings. 
I made the short drive to Historic Halifax and took a few pictures.

                                 This was the home of William R Davie a hero of the revolution.

                                               The Eagle Tavern; I can close my eyes and imagine the energy here in the years proceeding the revolution.

The old jail complete with stocks.

This house is one of my favorites, The Sally-Billy house; it's original location was near my home when I had the old house. It would have been gone years ago if it hadn't been moved to Halifax and restored.

                                      Beautiful, enchanting views all around, quiet and sleepy
                                       and such a charming village. 

Another tavern, the dwellings here are original to Halifax except the Sally- Billy which was brought here for restoration and protection.

I'll be back with more pictures and history; have a magical Saturday. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Looking For Spring

Today was a nice sunny day for a spring walk. I've been a little slow on getting my strength back and thought the fresh air might help.

Her Ladyship has been very distressed with me, very upset that she has not been dressed and groomed to her liking in the weeks since she's been here.

She approved of the sheer lace runner I gave her to drape over her shelf and help to hide the cloths rod.

I came here in May and the little creek bed has been dry, never a drop of water not even after the fury of Irene. I was delighted on Wednesday morning to see a little stream forming as I was leaving for work.  

The creek is alive again and the water is flowing from the Aurelian Spring. The spring itself is not on this property but just off to the side somewhere in the brambles behind the magic tree. I would  love to follow the little stream to it's source and see if it could be cleaned and cleared. I'm sure it is overgrown and tangled  with debris from the storms we have had in this area over the last few years. Perhaps she would flow all year again if she had help.

In the last few weeks I have seen two enchanting ancient houses disappear in just a days time. One was an old eyebrow colonial. They are rare here now and I had promised I'd get a picture of her and then in a  day she was gone, pushed down into one pile of rubble. Memories, laughter and the ghosts of our history all pushed down without a thought. On my walk I took pictures of these barns, old barns are disappearing too I'm hoping our neighbors will let these stay; they are a beautiful part of history and the landscape.   

Spring was peeking through all along the way.

Now back to her highness, she is demanding more lace and linen and I am happy to oblige.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

 Well the weekend is nearly over. I would love to tell everyone how productive I've been but this has been one heck of a week. Monday was a busy stressful day at work but it's Monday so you sort of expect that. I came home and went straight to work on the linens that I planned to list on Etsy. Went to bed tired but feeling good about the new plans and ideas I have and looking forward to getting my hands back to the linens on Tuesday evening.
I woke at 1:09 AM feeling like a truck had hit me, another virus had come calling. By Wednesday I didn't feel a lot better but thought I must be on the mend. During the night I took a sharp turn for the worse and ended up at the E R by Thursday morning. I spent the day at the hospital and several tests were done. They determined that I have an abnormality that requires a follow up with a surgeon. This abnormality is the reason that while I am quite healthy 95 % of the time when a virus strikes my body just can't fight it off. 
OK, I can do this and I have to say that I am feeling better and
  actually was able to eat solid food today. I guess the surgeon will run more tests so please keep me in your
prayers. Hopefully there will be a treatment that doesn't require surgery. It was a pretty sunny morning today, just a bit cool but beautiful. Since I am feeling better we actually went out for a while. I plan to go back to work tomorrow but I noticed that the winds had picked up and it had become dark and cloudy.

 I checked the weather and we are under a winter storm advisory. I'm hoping we don't get enough snow that I can't make it to the office. I'm already dreading being a week behind at work, a week behind on housework,  and everything else that I can think of.  Well if March is coming in like a lion that's OK I can still enjoy a pretty basket of green and yellow flowers.

Welcome Spring

I am very pleased to know that today is the first day of spring. It doesn't feel at all like spring here; it is COLD and very damp a...