Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The First Tree Pictures

These are a few pictures taken from the primitive bedroom, or at least it is primitive until Christmas. The tree below is decorated with vintage red Shiny Bright ornaments with a couple of elves and Santa's from the 1950's 
This is my favorite Santa, he's probably about my age; I remember that it seemed that everyone had one like him when I was a small child.

For some reason blogger just isn't working for me tonight. It's taking forever to get this post like I want it; but anyway this larger tree shows my love for nature. It has pinecones, birds, and  flowers. I fell in love with red and green decorating a few years ago but I really love a lot of glittery Christmas decorations as you will see in the next few days; that is if Blogger lets me post the pictures.

Have a warm cozy evening.


  1. Pretty~ love all the reds~and the precious raggedy ann & andy~

  2. Wow....that's a lot of festiveness! Looks very bright and your old Santa...they used to scare me a wee bit, but now I love them. Wishing you a season of Christmas magic....Smiles & Holiday Hugs ~ Robin



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