Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Sunday

 Well summer arrived early here in eastern NC, we've had days in the 90's. All around us here the roads are bursting with vibrant orange Day Lilies. This is the first one to open in our yard, it was open and waiting to greet me when I arrived home Friday afternoon. I should have the Internet issues all worked out next week. I've found that I can get a wireless service to the house and I am really looking forward to that. If all goes well I will be back to blogging very soon.

 Do you see it back there hiding in the forest? It's the pump house, and it's a log pump house. I love the way it hides in the trees. We are surrounded with trees and there are so many beautiful birds here. We have humming birds that fight for the feeder so we're going to hang up a couple more to hopefully keep them happy. I've had a little sparrow visit me at my back sliding glass door. She perched on the rail and watched me a few minutes then flew away and returned with nesting material in her tiny beak as if to tell me that she too was busy setting up a home. One night a possum stopped by just out side the same door, and one evening a little white faced kitty peeked in to say hello. I even had a black snake slither by the door but thankfully he made his way back into the woods. We have a little sometimes creek here too and I will post some pictures of it soon.  There are yellow finches, blue birds, blue jays, and even an Indigo Bunting that comes to this wood and he is beautiful.

The unpacking is going slow, my back and my work schedule just don't allow for me to work here as quickly as I would like too but hopefully things will come together soon. I'm working on the laundry room. Since people will enter through this door I'm trying to give it the look of an old primitive wash house. Well tomorrow is back to work, have  great week and be blessed.


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