Saturday, June 11, 2011

Aurelian Springs

Hi, I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Aurelian Springs? No; it's not a place where pigs fly.  The flying pig is in front of a little resturant that we visited in Littleton N C this afternoon. It's called Grandpa's kitchen and they have some wonderful Eastern NC barbecue. We had their barbecued chicken and the homemade sauce was just right.  Aurelian Springs is where we live and Littleton is about eleven miles away.  The very patriotic flying pig welcomes you to the door of Grandpa's kitchen. There is a great collection of pigs there and I wanted to take more pictures but my camera was acting up. As we drive into Littleton we pass this beautiful  restored tavern. It was restored by the Littleton Woman's Club and it is just enchanting. It is not open to the public but I really enjoyed stopping to take these pictures.  

Well, I have lots to do and I do have the internet now. I've been visiting all of my favorite blogs but for some reason blogger will not let me leave comments. I see that some of you have also had that problem; if you know a fix please let me know. I should be back soon with some pictures of the decorating. It goes slow but it will get done.    

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  1. make me really miss that good ole EASTERN North Carolina barbecue!! I hope to get back soon (before pigs fly) to get me some...along with some good ole hushpuppies! ~~Annie


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