Monday, May 23, 2011

The Move is Over at Last Sort Of

Well we finally moved, this is a picture from my dining room window. Notice the trees? Internet is hit or miss out here and I'm hoping I can post this. I'd wanted to show you pictures from all around our new place but I guess I'm lucky to get this one to load. Anyway, we are tucked out in the country. We are surrounded by the most enchanting forest. I have a view equally as beautiful on all four sides of the house. It is so quiet here and so peaceful.  We are no where near getting settled in, I have stacks of boxes to unpack but I will love every minute of it. It is quite a drive to my job but I really don't mind, a nice drive on a country road that is so colorful and rich with old houses and beautful farms kinda starts the day off just right. I will be back soon with more pictures as the unpacking begins. I love the country!!!

Take Care

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