Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Yard Of Chicks

I hope everyone has enjoyed a day as beautiful as the one we have had here. The picture above has to much glare from the flash but I had to post it as it is a favorite of mine. What better to way to welcome spring than A Yard of Chicks!
That is the title of the print and the memories it brings to mind are favorites of mine. Fluffy chicks scampering about chasing bees and butterflies; memories of days of simple joy when all seemed right with the world.
Old tables, dough bowls and lace doilies; these things bring memories too. Days of learning to bake and crochet. Listening to old tales from my Grandmother as I sat at her knee. Not knowing then that those simple days would fade into a world where there would be no time for chicks and doilies and the arts of cooking and sewing would  would pale in the shadow of microwave quickness and plastic tablecloths that would be someday choking our streams and forests along side fast food and microwave food containers.

A precious bear made from a quilt. Yes; quilting, another art that I learned at my Grandmother's side.  

A darling kitten, snug in  wooden bowl. I wonder if she's dreaming of chicks and butterflies?
An old cupboard guarded by a wise and faithful friend. I am thankful for my memories, those of the past and wonderful moments of the present and dreams of the future. I am thankful for the many wonderful friends that I have met through blogging, friends connected to the precious old crafts of life. Friends that make beautiful art and keep the old days alive so that love of home and hearth will exist in this world for generations to come. 
Blessed Be

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