Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Spring

It's almost here, just another hour or so and it arrives officially; SPRING! And boy am I ready for her to arrive. After having had two days of sunny, warm,warm weather today is a little cool and cloudy but after the long cold winter we've had it is still a day to celebrate the season of rebirth. A time to open the windows and doors and welcome the fresh air and sweep away the darkenss of the winter season. A time for chicks and bunnies and flowers. A time to begin again in the freshness of nature awakening in a dazzling display of beauty. 

                                                                                      I spent most of the weekend working but I did manage to get in a little bit of spring cleaning and now I plan a few hours of rest.   We've been changing a few things, I like the baskets hanging from the beam in the living room.

  I'm not sure I'm real pleased with this old architectural element hanging over the french doors but it's OK for now.  I really hate this dark paneling but it will do until the right farmhouse comes along.

 I found these two old frames at a sale on Friday. I really love these.
 The one above has it's original glass and so much carved detail.
 You can still see traces of the original paint on the carved flowers. My plan is to clean them up and wax them with some darkened bees wax. I love the character of them as they are, I think the bees wax will return the luster to the wood and prevent any more of the old paint from chipping away.
I wish you all a warm and wonderful first day of spring! Enjoy each day and be blessed.


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