Saturday, March 5, 2011


I've been trying to find a way to lighten things up around here. This house is just naturally dark and my love of primitive antiques makes for some definite decorating challenges. Most of my favorite pieces seem to disappear into the dark walls. My plan was to get started on some spring cleaning around here this weekend and to try to lighten things up a bit. Well yesterday during my lunch hour we went to a garage sale, I found some things that I thought might work and as we were loading them into the van I decided to take one quick look inside at some furniture they had for sale. I wasn't really looking for anything that wasn't a primitive piece and only had a few minutes left to get back to work but there it was. A vintage down sofa slip covered in white.  Well you know I thought it might be just what I needed.

Needless to say we managed to get it loaded into the van and I made it back to work on time too!
 I've been going through my stash of vintage pillows to add to the fluffy down pillows on the back. I'll be playing with the pillow arrangement for days but this sofa is so comfortable, it's like sitting on a cloud. River likes it.
A while back I surprised the brats with these little doll beds. They really love them.

Sugar Bee and Evangaline AKA as Wonderful Baby,  are usually on top of this one. They like the way it sinks down when they jump on top and they nap there like they are swinging in a hammock. Well I'm off to more cleaning and maybe a nap myself; that sofa is really comfortable.


  1. The new sofa looks wonderful... nice and light and soft. I see the kitties like it too.
    I'm sorry to read of your sweet kittie's passing.Pets are like family, we bring them into our homes, nurture them, love them and then someday they have a special place they must go...
    Susan x

  2. And oh yes I do love the delicate, vintage laundry on the line in your new header!
    Susan x

  3. Oh to sit on a cloud. Beautiful! And to have procured it before going to work; hello! That in itself is a feat.

    Clean and orderly is the ticket. Enjoy bringing light into your home.



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