Sunday, March 27, 2011


Last Sunday it was sunny and 84 and today it is cloudy, misty and 40. I'd planned to finish the spring cleaning and get all of the curtains washed and out to hang in the fresh air and sun. It's OK; there are sunny warm days to come. I'm blessed to have a fire and the comfort of a warm, quiet home.

 When I was young we would gather round the wood stove, the past would unfold there as the old folks told stories  of how life had been in their youth.  Marriages were planned and babies were named as we stitched quilts years in advance of an engagement. It was hope and faith that we stitched in every thread long before these quilts would see a marriage bed. Each piece held a memory, a square stitched from a piece of Grandma's Sunday dress or from uncles old flannel work shirt or from feed sacks. Feed sacks had stories of their own, those ladies could still remember the names of hens well loved and long passed.   

Pieces of North Carolina pottery reside on my hearth. Jugs made by skilled, wise hands to hold molasses or liquor. Yep N.C. has it's place in Moon Shine history. I can remember the stories told quietly of how many farms survived the depression on money earned from the sale of home made liquor.
A little cauldron rests here beside an old chalkware cat, at some time in history this little cauldron had it's place in daily life. It may have warmed soup or maybe there was medicine made here; again by wise and skilled hands. I learned many of life's. lessons by the wood stove, I'm glad it is cold today so I can be warmed by memories of those days sitting and stitching by the fire. It is good to remember the wisdom of the past, I'm thinking they need a woodstove and some quilters at the White House.

Be Blessed      

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