Sunday, February 6, 2011


We have a beautiful day here today, I had to take a few moments to visit a favorite book and wanted to share it with you. All of these pictures are from American Farmhouses by Leah Rosch. What can be more inviting that the open gate of a white picket fence.

I am dreaming of beautiful hydrangeas in so many soothing shades of, pink, lavender, blue and white. 
 A pleasant primitive house is warmed by the softness of spring unfolding outside.
 The sunlight displays enchanting shadows and weaves soft musings here.
 A soft carpet of green welcomes you to this door or just to sit quietly and inhale the stillness of life in this shade on a hot summer day.
 A place to sit and dream of the blue sea and the fresh salt air; do you hear the gulls, the crashing of the foaming sea against the ever changing shore and imagine the songs of the  mermaids and and the laughter of the pirates?
 A vision of a garden, a place to meditate, a haven where fairies and elves rustle in the midst of fragrant flowers.
 Beautiful flowers in the kitchen that awaken the senses to the fruits and bounty of the sweet earth that will nourish us body and soul.

 The calmness of old cherished homes awakening with the land again and again; year after year to shelter our bodies and bless us with memories that will pass through generations eternal.
 Vintage chairs decked out like fine southern ladies on a hot summer day. A place for comfort and inspiration.
 Only pleasant dreams here where the sweetness of life can drive away any sorrows among soft romantic linens made to soothe the soul.

Spring will come and summer and autumn to follow; it is the way of nature and even as I dream of the warm sun and sweet fragrance of spring I am happy to muse by the fire and be thankful for the beauty and comfort of home.

Thank you Leah for American Farmhouses.

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