Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coverlets; Winter Warmth

 It's been sunny and windy here today, I can hear the clothes on the line snapping in the brisk air. It is warming up though and we are promised that we may be in the high 60's later in the week. I'm hoping the windy day is a certain sign that the March winds are here and spring will arrive early.   It's almost time to get the coverlets and quilts out for their spring airing. The one above I found last year at an estate sale at an old log cabin. I've always loved the texture and color and I marvel at the time and expertise that it must have taken to make these warm comforting textiles.
 This was the very first coverlet that I ever purchased, I found it at a yard sale many years ago. I was looking through a large table of newer and very stylish linens hoping there might be at least one vintage set of pillowcases or a sweet lace trimmed runner and this is what I found. It was priced 25 cents. I asked the young woman if this was the correct price and she quite sharply said YES! Who could possibly want that old thing and it is damaged! Well it does have a little bit of damage on the seam line but it was beautiful to me and I was worried that she had made a mistake in the pricing and was going to offer her more money for it but after her sharp attitude toward this wonderful old treasure I really felt more like I had rescued it and gave her the 25 cents and it has been well loved and enjoyed in my home since.    I love the pattern and the many different colors used in this.  
 Brother and I found this at a sale about a year before he died, I so loved treasure hunting with him. He didn't know a great deal about antiques but he loved  going along to the sales with me on the weekends. He used to say that I drove like an old Granny around town on weekdays but Saturday mornings I turned into a speeding witch and my driving scared the hell out of him. We would laugh through the entire morning and he loved having me explain the purpose of the things I'd bought and loved to see me decorate with them.

 Have a warm and rosy Valentines Day.
 Hold closely to the ones you love.


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