Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Keeping

 Happy weekend everyone. This is my sweet beautiful Halo; he's book keeping today. I found this stack of old ledgers at a local flea market a couple of weeks ago and had to have them. They are from an old, long gone department store from Weldon in Halifax county N C. My old house wasn't too far away from Weldon and I just had to have these. 
I also found two of these lovely glass, vintage bowls. I just love these. My Aunt had bowls like these and I am already dreaming of the potato salad and chicken salad that will fill these when the weather gets warmer.
Last Saturday I was sure that I heard a Robin sing and guess what; just a few days later there was a sweet Robin foraging in the back yard. I also heard the enchanting sound of the Tundra Swans flying over last week. They always flew over the old house in large singing flocks in mid to late February about the same time the Robins returned. They are arriving early this year----do they know something that we do not? Could it mean that spring will arrive earlier this year. Wild creatures have a wisdom that is far beyond our comprehension and I'm betting they do know.  

 Another find was this set of  dainty white Pyrex bread plates. I love vintage Pyrex and use it daily.  

 I fell in love with this old white butter dish, It has a tiny crack and it's got to be cleaned up but I just love the way it is designed and it will fit right in with my slowly growing collection of white ironstone. 
 I can never turn down anything that is vintage and red for my kitchen and this set of salt and pepper shakers just fit the ticket.

 This little box has a punched tin heart on top, I'm going to paint and prim it up.

More pictures of the ledgers, the oldest is from 1935 and I love reading the entries. You could buy a suit, a skirt, pay your insurance payment or purchase bloomers, girdles and stockings here. Who says Wal Mart has it all.
 I have five of these all from the same store. I'm going to photo copy the pages and use them for some craft projects. I'm sure just yet if I will keep all five but I really would like to keep them.
 I'm going to be listing the coverlet below on Etsy. It is so beautiful but I am running out of space.  There may be a new job and a place in the country coming up. That's a may-be I'll keep you posted, I hadn't planned on moving so soon but starting spring nestled deep in the woods sure sounds like a plan. Anyway there is much to be considered before making that decision.
Be Blessed,

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