Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Massey Ferguson

Hello Everyone; well we began moving early one morning almost two weeks ago, with a somewhat organized plan. We took several of our furbabies to the new house first only to find out that all of the water lines were not working and had to be replaced. From that point things went down hill real fast, let me tell you that just about everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and just when I thought it couldn't get much worse well then the tax man cometh No kidding, it seems they have determined that they over paid  me on a refund 4 years ago what better time to swoop in than now. Well the van broke down, all hell broke lose at work, the TV just quit, our hours got cut and my schedule has changed and two of my precious babies got out and disappeared in the mist of the madness. I thought about running away too but unfortunately I'm afraid of creepy crawlies and decided that instead of hiding out under the old house with Gabe and Ophelia I might as well plunge forward and try to get through it all. That's when I realized that my Imma and Sugar Bee had disappeared from the new house, they were hiding in the attic and I thought about joining them. Anyway we got the girls safely out of the attic and Gabe and Ophelia safely home to the new house and slowly began this move. The water is all fixed but we did end up having to delay many days of moving. We're almost finished but nothing went according to the some what organized plan so there is much to be unpacked and arranged and mostly I just don't know where anything is. I'm still thinking about running away.
The old plow up in the picture is a favorite of mine; my brother called it my Massey Ferguson. Since we moved only a block from the house we were in I got tired of waiting to get this thing loaded and pushed it right down the street with the lantern hanging on the side and a white pumpkin under my arm. Brother would have been proud of me.  I'll try and get back later with some pictures, for some reason blogger isn't letting me load them. I hope everyone is well and enjoying this beautiful autumn weather.

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