Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Day is nearly here.

Autumn has finally arrived and moving day is hovering. This time of year I usually find myself gazing into the evening sky to catch a fleeting glimpse of shadowy witches with their mystic familiars; cats and bats zipping about in glee. Tonight I may see if I can flag them down to help with the packing and sorting. I'm sure they would remind me that if I hadn't gone out to the sales this morning I would have had a few less boxes to pack today. I ONLY WENT TO THREE SALES!!! Well maybe one of the sales was a local church autumn sale with 50 vendors but I only bought a few things there.

I found this fantastic old rug beater for under $5.00. I love the old faded red handle; I also bought an old stoneware canning jar that is packed already but I'll have pictures soon of it displayed in the new house. The garden club was also having their annual sale and I was there before daylight; the witches must have been on my side as even in the dark they guided me to an antique blue & white chamber pot, a neat vintage tablecloth, a white trellis, and a white stoneware pitcher. Kirby found a great candle box, he says he doesn't see witches and fairies but I think he does.

The last sale was an estate sale and we were the first people there; we had to wait in line for 30 minutes and by the time the doors were open there was a long line behind us.

My first purchase was this antique trestle table, it has a one board top and it is pegged, I love it and it was $10.00.
I just love the legs on this table; I also found a very nice old Hitchcock chair, actually it was a pair but the seat has to be replaced on one of them so I got the pair for $10.00; I was amazed; there were sales everywhere this morning but I'm quite happy with the three that I went too and very lucky to find these great primitives pieces. It's a good thing to get out and fly around before daybreak with the witches. Now I have so many pumpkins, garlands, and witches clamoring around in boxes demanding to be set free for the season so I guess I'd better get on with the moving. I hope everyone is well and enjoying the season.  

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