Sunday, October 17, 2010

Magic at The Pumpkin Farm


If you happen to find yourself traveling down I- 95 through N.C. be sure to take the Red Oak exit and head for Fisher Pumpkin Farm. It was just what I needed to bring me out of the blues. 
 The story goes that the lovely old primitive house was once attached to a huge farm house that was being moved many years ago. As the large old two story house was being moved across the pasture and the rear addition fell off and was left behind. Well they say there is a reason in everything and the old addition is now the heart of the pumpkin farm.

The exterior is painted barn red which makes it quite the proper background for beautiful pumpkins and gourds.


Beautiful, magical gourds are displayed inside. It was a busy afternoon and I didn't get the name of the artist but hopefully I'll get back for another visit before the season ends.

I fell in love with this fluffy feathered chick.

The old log building below isn't part of the farm but I had to stop and take a picture of it on the way home. I always look for it when I'm out in the area. Isn't it beautiful; just think of the stories it could tell.

 Pumpkins and more pumpkins.

 The front porch; I could spend some time here. It is just so calm and peaceful; it makes me wonder how there can be highways, apartment complexes and housing developments just minutes away. I guess growth is good but maybe for me I'd be happy if rural America wasn't disappearing at such an alarming pace.

 And finally my favorite gourd; they were all beautiful but this one I will dream about.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful autumn; and if you are feeling a bit out of sorts go to the country. It's a timeless cure for stress, sorrow and especially for the urban blues.

Blessings to all!

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