Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Charlie Clarence Creech July 24 1962 - July 14 2009 Archive

Four years and I will miss you always. 

It's hard to imagine that you have been gone for a year.
I know; you came to me and told me you were free and well. I saw you; young and strong again. You asked me not to grieve. You are my only brother; my baby brother; and most times you seemed more like my own child than my only sibling. It's only right that I should grieve for you; and I imagine that you walk among the wise and listen and I know that you walk among the forgotten and bring comfort to them. I know that the light that you brought to life is stronger and brighter among the spirits now. But your "Who" misses you -  your  "Who" loves you.
God speed my only brother; I will never forget the joy of loving you. 

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