Sunday, July 18, 2010

Short Weekend

I hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying the summer months. The truth is I used to enjoy them much more than I do now. Just a few years ago summer meant spending hours laying out in the sun to get a tan; not to mention picking butter beans, peas and pulling corn no mater how hot it was. Mother nature doesn't wait and you can't let fresh ripe vegetables get over ripe in the hot July sun. I loved every minute of it; my favorite days of summer were hanging vintage linens on the line and watching as they became bright and white as a new star in the hot summer sunlight.  Well I can't do much of that anymore; I'm OK until the temperatures soar into the 90's and then I have a problem; it seems the medication that I take for my blood pressure doesn't mix well with sun and high temperatures.   Anyway, yesterday my company had it's monthly seminar; several hours of this time is spent in the non- air conditioned  mill and then outside and it was steaming yesterday. Well that not only means that I have a short weekend but I also have to recover from the heat exposure in time to be back in the office on Monday. That's OK; Autumn is coming.

                                                                                I haven't had time for crafting or treasure hunting the last couple of weeks but I thought I'd post some pictures of a few things that I found in trips past that are on the project list or at least on one my lists. I found this green repro bitters bottle; I can sure work that into my Halloween decorating and maybe find a spot for it year round. I also found this old glass that may have been a jelly jar; I love using old glass Pyrex and Fire king in my kitchen.

This stash of fabric was purchased together at one sale, I love ticking stripes and one rather large piece of this is antique ticking from an old mattress.


You might remember that I fell in love with the crimson velvet pine cone ornaments at Christmas last year; well I found this at another sale for $1.00 and couldn't pass it up. It's never been used or taken out of the box. The picture shows it much brighter than it is; it is the same deep crimson velvet that I love and I will find a special place for this near the tree with the pine cone ornaments.

In the top picture the little Confederate Flag was found quite a while ago, they were used during the towns centennial celebration over 40 years ago and I wouldn't have thought there was one left anywhere.  Please understand that there is no offense meant by this little flag, when I was young they were used to honor the Confederate dead and it takes it's place here just as all things do; because it touches a memory and because it had it's place in time. When I was in grammar school on May 10th each year every child at my school brought a bouquet of fresh flowers and every mother brought fresh baked  cupcakes and cookies and home made lemonade. After lunch we would form a long line;our little journey began with a prayer and a group of young men in uniform lead the march playing music on drum and flute. Each child carried  fresh flowers and a little flag and we marched around the great mound at the entrance to the cemetery. This mound is final resting place of many unknown soldiers; both Union and Confederate that lost their lives in the Civil War. We tossed the flowers has high as we could so that by the time the march was ended the entire mound was covered with the flowers.  Afterward we bought the cupcakes and lemonade with our nickles that we had saved just for that occasion. The money went to the keeping of the memorial so that these soldiers would not be forgotten. This little ceremony was stopped many years ago and I'm sorry that it was stopped. It was here that I learned how very blessed we are to have freedom,and  how blessed we are that we all can now live together in peace on our own soil.
Blessings, Sallie

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  1. I'd have to say this is one of the hottest Summers I can remember and I'm miles north of you... I can only imagine the heat you're suffering in the South.
    A beautiful tribute you posted for your beloved brother.
    Susan x



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