Sunday, July 11, 2010

In the Good Ole Summertime

It is indeed summer; in fact the hot, steamy, dog days arrived before the end of spring. My little garden has managed to survive the hot dry days. We made sure the flowers and herbs had plenty to drink; along with the birds and little wild kittens that have taken to visiting our porch.


The artimisia that was planted two years ago has grown fat and plump showing off  it's lacy, feathery foliage in a way that is cooling just to be near it.  

The zinnias are blooming steadily and visited by hummingbirds and yesterday a dazzling little Gold Finch.

I find it's nice to cool off in the keeping room; the snowy landscape in the picture over the fireplace and the softness of candle light can easily conjure images of cooling autumn days and frosty winter mornings.

Autumn colors and old keys and books can take me away. The keys, reminders of the treasures of life, and books that carry me through time all in one quiet cool afternoon. 

Blessed Be.

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