Sunday, October 18, 2009

A little Antiquing and the Flu

Well it's been a rainy, cold week here and to top that off I've had some sort of a flu bug. I managed to make it to work everyday, get home and take care of the brats and then to bed. I really have only a thousand things that I need and want to do but this is a tough bug. However, I managed to get up early yesterday and hit some yard sales and boy was it worth the cold and damp. I'm posting just a few of my finds and hopefully as the week passes I can get caught up and post some more pictures. Below in the back corner is a wonderful old primitive berry picking, carrying tray. I just fell in love with it.
You can see it a little better here and in front is an antique basket that I found, the flash takes away from the really warm primitive patina of the basket.
I also picked up this little tea pot. It will be a favorite for a long time.

Then I found this smaller basket. Just a few weeks ago I was complaining that I never find the great old baskets that I used too; well it looks like I was wrong and for once I am sooo glad I was wrong.

I couldn't pass up this little dolly, she's a topsey-turvey.

And this little girl just tucked right into the side of the old shelf.

The brats also got a new toy. It's called a nap & play and so far they have played, jumped, pounced, flipped and about everything except napped in it. When is nap time? I could use one. Have a great week and please stay away from the flu. I hope to post more of my weekend treasures soon.
Bright blessings.

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  1. Some great finds, love any old baskets and the doll is so precious. Take care of yourself and gets lots of rest. Well, as much possible. Sending big, fluffy, comforting, get well hugs your way.




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