Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Almost Over

Well the weekend was way to short. We had a beautiful day here yesterday. It's cooled down quite a bit today and more like autumn. I had a big game plan for all of the things that were going to get done but I'm still way behind. Two weeks of that nasty flu has really put me behind.

Now here's my little Sugar, when ever she sees the camera she's right there to make sure she gets in the picture. She is such a sweetie.

The crepe myrtle is showing a little bit of color.
I made this and put it up on my brothers tree. Actually it's the tree across the street right by where he was attacked. I've kept something on the tree as a memorial to him. This week the red, white and blue flowers and ribbon came down and I replaced it with this. He loved the holidays and all of the decorating I did. Miss you Brother!

And Halloween is almost here. I have so much left that I need to get done. It will be a busy week for me. Have a good week everyone and enjoy autumn, it is so beautiful.


  1. We have had a nice weekend here, but like you the list I had with things to do doesn't have many check marks on it. HA

    Your kitty has the biggest eyes. So pretty. My Mom had a black cat, he only had a little white on his chest and had the LONGEST, white whiskers. He was a talker.

    The story about your brother still saddens me, I am sorry for your loss. What a wonderful memorial to him, putting up the holiday decor for him. I am sure he is smiling down from Heaven.

    I hope you have a super week. I am going to try and get some fall decorations out here and get caught up on laundry before the first hits.



  2. Sugar sure looks sweet! Pun intended! Ü

  3. It's hard to believe that October is almost over and soon the coloured leaves shall fall... the trees will be barren but for their beautiful silvered bark.
    That little Sugar sure is a sweetie.

  4. Hi the look on Sugar's face. She's such a sweetie! And love the scarecrow you put on your brother's tree. What a nice memorial.

    Wish I were back there right now...I'd be headed to the beautiful NC mountains! Happy fall! ~~Annie



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