Friday, July 21, 2017

A Quiet Cool Memory To Share

There is something about the old photos. They always seem to look so cool and comfortable. This is actually my fathers family from about 1891. My Grandmother is the little girl on the far right.  They sometimes look a bit stern but then again they seem to be so comfortable and safe all together. I especially love that they added the flowers and a  lovely lace tablecloth  long with possibly great grand mother with her needlework in hand.  

I love history, I could dream a story about every old house I see.  I especially love the old Tavern's. I'm sure there is a story and even a secret or two to be told about this one. It's Person's Ordinary in Halifax County N.C.

Who knows it is possible that someone from my own family may have rested there for an evening generations ago. It would be so wonderful to know if they did.  

I've no idea who this lady is but I fell in love with her picture posted on Pinterest and I wanted to share it with you. That garden behind her and that chubby, lovely baby  and a precious kitty. That might even have been  me in another life.

 This is a view of the Mystic Wood and River.  The developing is changing so much and I don't expect to ever see this view again.  Hopefully they will not take my memories. It will remain always wild, simple and beautiful to me in my heart and mind.
And this is me with my (mama Aunt Estelle Boykin and my ( daddy Uncle Paul Boykin.
I must have been five or six. We were sitting on the steps of a cottage at the Rainbow Inn on the causeway between Morehead City and Beaufort N.C. I remember we would visit there once or twice every summer. Don't we look so cool and comfortable?  Oh it's 100 here today and  the heat index is 106. I loved these people and I love that it makes me feel safe and cool and comfortable to visit back in time. Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool.

Bright blessings 

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  1. Hi Constance! So nice to have a visit from you! These are lovely old photographs. Like a little window into the past. I am always struck by how dignified even the casual poses were then. I don't have many old family photos. They are a treasure.


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