Thursday, June 29, 2017

Good morning, I do hope you are having a fine summer day. I am having an amazing day. I just love having a nap in the cool air conditioning. By the way I am the famous Snowball posting for Mom today while she is at work. I've picked through some of her pictures that are favorites of mine and so I'm just gonna share my thoughts about them with you.
It's almost the Forth of July and Mom as promised that she will be spending the whole day with me and the other fur-kids. She really loves us you know. And we will get to help her do some redecorating. Around here we celebrate all holidays and we kids are always included in the celebration. As a matter of fact I think she celebrates everyday, she loves to be happy and making us happy.
 This is Belle my hound dog sister, she's a hoot.  below you will  she see her when she poses so lady like with her paws crossed in front of her. This was taken at Christmas, Belle was focused on the little cheese ball  treat  she was about to get.

                                                 Now she's being Miss Lady Belle Star.

This is one of Mom's favorite pictures, It was taken last autumn. Did you know autumn is her favorite time of year? We have pumpkins, gourds and brooms all around the house all year long. Mom has lots of brooms and she just got a new one a couple of weeks ago. She's going to post some pictures of it after we decorate this weekend. It's the strangest broom I'v ever seen; it looks like it was designed to ride??? Yep that is what it looks like you will see when she posts the pictures.

           It will soon be pumpkin time again  and we will have a Halloween party with treats that she makes especially for us. It's so exciting but it's time to nap, Mom will check on us at noon and I have to have time to practice my heart broken pout   before she gets here. That way I get a treat and lots of hugs and kisses before she   returns to work.  Take care everyone and remember  if it is too hot outside for you it's too hot for us. And please never leave us in a hot care.

                                                                 Love and hugs to all from

                                                           Snowball AKA The fine pony Diva Dog 

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