Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Simple Home Thoughts

 Good morning everyone. We had a chilly night here but today it is a beautiful spring day. It's a busy time here and I've a lot to post about but I wanted to start with this picture of my paternal Great Grandfather. We've been doing genealogy for years and to see this picture just makes me smile. All of my life I have been enchanted with log cabins. I worked in the log home industry for many years and as beautiful as new log homes are it has always been the simple primitive dwellings that I have seen in my dreams and in my heart. To see this picture explains so much to me. Is it some memory that gets passed along the generations? I have never visited this cabin or even heard of it until now but I have drawn pictures of it and longed for it all of my life. How strange is it that the picture appears just when I'm having to think about finding a new home?    
The little sprig of rosemary  hangs over my front door. It's tied with a ribbon from 1963 that my mother used to pin brother's pacifier to his shirt. I love rosemary, it is the herb of remembrance and hung above the door it will welcome peace and harmony and keep away negative energy. It makes me happy each time I enter my home. I've been browsing the real estate adds, looking at cottages, historic houses, farm houses and just trying to figure out where I might be happy if I do have to sell my home and it is so difficult because I did not expect to be doing this but surely this decision is in better hands than my own and I believe the answer will come.   Needless to say this is not how I planned to spend my spring this year. So for now I'm trying to get back on schedule and look forward to the seasons to come. Have a blessed and happy week and may all of your dreams come true. 

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